We are back in Athens

It’s time to leave Mykonos. Wahhhh!

Today was a pretty hectic travel day. I don’t fancy reliving todays more annoying moments, as there were a few .. so instead I will concentrate on what was great!


Like these fishes by the port that we fed, until we got moved on haha!

Cute little fishes. They loved Doritos.


…and this place. Athens!

This place feels like home for me! We booked the best room at the same place we stayed last time. The lass who let us in owns it and designed all the rooms! She is a civil engineer and it shows. She has an amazing understanding of buildings/ spaces and how to make the most of them.

We are staying at the amazing Hub Suites, Athens

Highly recommend! However, I recommend almost everywhere we have stayed so far! We have been so lucky!! (I did a tonne of research however, so maybe not just “lucky” haha)


These photos don’t do it justice, click the link above to see how great their rooms are!


We have been really looking forward to getting back to Riza Riza, the food is amazing … and SO affordable, and boy it didn’t disappoint!! Delicious feta bites that we devoured before I even remembered I had a camera to take photos of it, coffee, coke, a huge penne pasta + the best cheese pie that ever existed + a ridiculously YUM and huge dessert PLUS 500ml of white wine all for $70AUD … ahhh much better! (yes .. I am still bitter about Kiku)


We went back to our lovely room to relax on the couch (which we haven’t done in so long) have a bath, blog the three blogs I am behind on and watch more hilarious tv!

Tomorrow is our last proper full day to explore Europe! I cannot believe its all almost over!! We will be reunited with our people and our puppies before we know it!