Our last day.

Today started with a sleep in and an early lunch at our local, Riza Riza. YUM! LOVEEEE this place!


I booked tickets for the Athens sightsee’er bus today. The idea is to be able to sit up top and learn more about this awesome city.


At first it didn’t work out that way. No seats available up top, so we were inside the aircon-less hot box, with barely any view haha! But we got up top after a few stops and it was breezy and we could see a bit better. The headphones didn’t work on our seats, however I would take the breeze and no info any day.


Safe to say we were pretty stoked to Hop OFF!


We walked around the markets for some time, which was really nice. Explore Athens on foot people.. much nicer! haha!


How freaking terrifying are these mannequins hahaha!


Late arvo we headed back to the hotel to chill on our balcony with our books. These beautiful dark clouds rolled in and a quick storm hit! Lightening. Thunder. Bliss. Time to fill the bath.


I put on a  “Go- to” skin mask to hydrate my face pre-flight. Poured some wine (to probably do the opposite haha) and relaxed. Best idea ever!!

Dinner booked nearby for our last dinner and then its home for an early night and chill before our big couple days travelling home!!

Today was our last full day of our European adventure and so this will likely be my last blog for this trip!!  Time has flown by and what an adventure it has been! I hope you have enjoyed so far and maybe you have some ideas for your very own next adventure!

To the next adventure! I am contemplating somewhere where I leave all technology at home!! No camera .. no phone. Wouldn’t that be different!