Iberian Adventure – Day Eighteen

Day Four
Lagos to Tariffa and then Africa what a suprise!
We had to meet the tour guide at 6:15 in the morning, what a struggle! Our flat mates didn’t sleep haha but we all made it to the bus which is a bonus.
The drive lulled us all back to sleep which was nice. We had a couple service stops, one of which being a sherry factory were we got to try a few of there sherries, which got us all merry again for the rest of the bus ride to Tariffa!
Once we got there we had a little time to chill, not nearly enough we were shattered! and then we walked to the ferry because tonight as part of our optional activities we are headed to Tanger, Morocco in AFRICA! I didnt even know this was part of the trip but it was a real experience so I am glad we went!
We had a guide that stayed with us the whole time so we werent bothered. A few of the people in the tour got to ride camels which was great. I spent the whole time patting this baby one that had a goofy face and reminded me of Baxter! haha
We got to see the rich part of town were the millionaires from other countries build there houses and probably barely live in them, and then we walked through the markets were you could see people were working so so hard to make a living. It was so strange seeing the contrast between these two ways of life! The markets were fantastic, olives everywhere! fresh veg and clothes made right in front of you. I didn’t fancy the raw meat hung in the heat uncovered, with flies hovering, a little sickening.
We went to a traditional pharmacy were there were herbal remedies for any ailment. There was herbal viagra for men and women, cures for balding, anything you can think of. I just bought a nice oil thats great for smooth skin and can work as a sunscreen and tanning lotion, because I am way too pale to be hanging out in Spain right now so it may help! haha
We were taken to a traditional Moroccan restaurant were the food was fantastic! We had an amazing lentil vegetable soup, kebabs and a yummy chicken Tagine with couscous. Rhys wasn’t really interested after seeing chickens hung upside down with there necks cut bleeding into plastic bags in the market 10 minuites earlier, but it was very delicious and anything is better than snails! haha
After a quick look through the markets, and seeing a few of the girls being bothered to buy things and one of the girls almost being bought with the offer of 1000 camels haahha! We jumped back on the ferry and went back to sleep in our hostel. Tomorrow we are headed to Granada, yay!