Mykonos – Day Three

I could get used to this kind of breakfast life. Yeahhh.


I mean …This is the ultimate breakfast right here!! YUM!

I don’t really need to say much today .. because Mykonos is for relaxing, so you KNOW where we are headed today.


Beachside hangs and a delicious lunch! Divine! This life is pretty great.


Today we basically had the same routine. Chris went back to the room in the afternoon to watch the data tournament, I read my book and swam in the crystal clear waters. Bliss!


We headed into town before sunset today. This way we could see the place in the light, visit the little shops and find somewhere to eat.


It is a lot busier here than I remember last time! Everyone had the same idea as us it would seem but fortunately, since we eat so freaking early (apparently) getting a table at a restaurant wasn’t a hard task.


The restaurant was pretty cute! I ordered the suckling pig roast and Chris ordered the baby lamb. Both delicious!


A little stroll around .. and back to the hotel. I have a killer headache .. I am maybe overdosing on sun. MAYBBBEEEE. HAHA!

Night all!