Mykonos – Day Two

I have been pretty quiet the last couple days, but thats because we have literally spent every sunny moment, sitting on a sun lounger by the beach. We are lapping up every last relaxing moment of our European adventure!

The day started with another super yummy buffet breakfast .. We popped our bathers on and headed straight to the hotel beach.


When you stay at Mykonos Bay Hotel the beach loungers are included in your room charge (along with your radical breaky and free transfers into town) inclusions galore!!


We found the perfect lounger and settled in for a day of total relaxation. We sat reading our books and listening to the waves lapping against the shore. Truly doesn’t get any better… until you add drinks and French fries .. and then it gets freaking incredible!


In the afternoon Chris went to the room to chill and to watch Dota.  I stayed in the same spot with my notebook and started working on plans for my new website and direction for my business when I am home.

I had such an inspiring/awesome afternoon! I made some pretty big decisions on how I will be running my business when I am home and I cannot wait to get back and start to implement them. I love that my job lights me up so much and gives me so much joy! I can barely stay away! Even on holiday!

I decided after a little while to swim in the ocean. There was a lot of shallow waters and rock as far as you can see, but if you get past the rock, you can dive into clear deep blue waters and it looked amazing!! I don’t normally like to swim deep as I am not a confident swimmer, but knowing the safety of the rocks was nearby to swim to I felt confident and happy. The Aegean Sea is more buoyant than water at home, so I floated around, happy as I could possibly be!

In a total bliss state, I decided to head back to the room to see if Chris’s afternoon has been as lovely as mine. It had. The boy loves his games.


As the sun set we made plans to head into town for dinner. We got the shuttle, which dropped us in town, but the restaurant was a little walk just to the edge of town.


I had booked a Japanese restaurant before we left that looked pretty great online! Kiku Mykonos. They weren’t great to deal with via email … but I wasn’t phased – so long as the food is good! When we arrived at our booking time, none of the staff seemed at all interested in seating us. I don’t think they are used to people eating as early as we do haha! It was a 7pm booking, and this is Europe after all.

We ordered a few things that we thought we would enjoy. We ordered tuna sashimi, beef gyoza, lamb cutlets (4 on the plate) and Chris had a little sliced steak with sauce + 2  Coca-Colas…Total: $300AUD … No kidding.and honestly .. apart from Chris’s steak, all was pretty average.

I left starving and a bit mad, but Chris told me to chill/let it go .. and told me to order room service! Margarita pizza come at me, calm my rage haha!

Also … guys … the cocktails at Kiku … $60AUD EACH .. no joke. Ok, ok .. I will let it go now. Man I am Scottish lol


Room service eaten, happy belly! Great day Bring on another day by the beach tomorrow!