Day started with a good breaky at our hotels brunch restaurant. Free breakfast is included in the room charge and you can order as much as you like from the menu! We kept it chill and by chill .. I mean I ordered everything ‘cheese’ on their menu.


After breakfast we packed up our things and checked out of our room. We asked the reception to watch our luggage and hopped on the hotels complimentary bikes for a bit of an explore before our afternoon ferry.


I got to the top of a hill and felt a bit faint. lol … turns out holidays are bad for me… and probably more likely, cheese hahaha! Nothing serious though, just allergic to exercise I guess, lol .. I kid, just a super cumbersome wooden bike, that I couldn’t even pedal uphill, had to push it haha – so we stopped at a little remote cliff, which had stairs to our own little private beach for a chill out.

There was a random broken pool chair down there, so we settled in for an afternoon reading and chilling listening to the waves hit the pebbles on the beach.


It was nearing our ferry departure time, so we took a little adventure in the back streets of Paros in the direction of our hotel to return the bikes. We rode through a little residential zone. The aromas coming from the homes here… YUM! I could smell roasting capsicums and tomatoes! and just when I didn’t think it could get any more authentic, I hear greek music blaring through the open shutters of a home to my right, it sounded like someone playing a “bouzouki” … Bliss


Bikes returned, luggage in tow and we headed to the port. The wait was long, as we were early for a late ferry. They herd us into little alleys in preparation for boarding, which I could only compare to a sheep truck haha!

The wait was worth it though … as apparently we have first class tickets!

The lounge was pretty! Super quick trip though, so we would have been happy with any seat! Paros to Mykonos is around a 1hr journey.


We are staying at the Mykonos Bay Hotel, which I highly recommend.

We were picked up by our organised transfer, which I have to say is always great! If you can afford the splurge, always book transfers to your hotel! It takes a lot of the stress out of transit days, especially if you have heavy luggage .. or a missing wheel like us!


Welcome drink in hand .. we are walked to our room. I remember not being able to justify the cost of a “sea view” room .. but as our hotel door is swung open … BOOM .. Sea view. Well heck yesssss!


I head straight to the hanging chair for a swing and a swig of my delicious homemade lemonade. Once we have settled in a little we will explore.


This place is WHITE .. Like White on white on white, kind of white!2019-09-29_00182019-09-29_00242019-09-29_0019

The pool area is nice, but we love our room views and the chairs along the beach most!! So I think thats where we will be tomorrow!


A little afternoon snack, Tzatziki + Pita – perfect afternoon eats!


We have had our eye on some beanbag loungers out the front of our room though .. so I poured myself a glass of wine and headed there with Chris to read. I have finished ANOTHER book!! I am reading up a storm this holiday! I think I will have 6kg in books to bring home alone! haha!


The sun is setting on another lovely day! So we watched it with wonder.

Afterward Chris discovered this place has the most incredible shower! It has three shower heads, which is insane! So the plan is hot showers, maybe a nap while Chris watches dota .. and a late dinner. Not bad.


I feel guilty because I have hit that point in the trip where I am sick of fried or unhealthy food. I just want broccoli … and home comforts ahha!  I barely touched my meal at dinner … the waiter looked at me like I was a major disappointment haha!

Looking forward to getting home and eating a big bowl of my mums spaghetti!

Night all