I am Erin! or some people call me E!

Here are some fun facts:

  • I am a family photographer based in Perth, and I LOVE my job!
  • I adore my family, and my nieces are my world!
  • I have wonderful friends that make me smile daily
  • I am a perfectionist! I like to make sure whatever I do, I do well!
  • I am a complete dork! and will make a fool of myself for fun
  • I am home decor obsessed
  • I love to cook and eat great food!
  • I love to play video games to unwind
  • I can be a stress head … haha!
  • I am a crazy dog lady! I love my bernese Mountain dog Barkley Bear McPepper and my mini Schnauzer Hamish Hamburger McPepper
  • I laugh A LOT!
  • I love to travel
  • I am an incredibly passionate person, and try to never let myself get bored
I hope I can entertain you or even better inspire you through my blog…
2 replies to About
    1. Well I hope you like where my blog goes now I have finished travelling because it will be all about those things 🙂 Thanks for checking my blog, hopefully you will continue to read in the future!

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