Iberian Adventure – Day Nineteen

Day Five
Tariffa to Granada
I was really excited about Granada because while researching my travels, this stuck out as an amazing food destination and a beautiful town to just get lost in.
We stopped at a nice little spot for photos and I got some pics of the gang 🙂
On the way to Granada on our travels we were able to stop in a town called Ronda. On first look it just seemed like another little town to just have some lunch and leave but with a bit of a walk you see it is one of the most picturesque beautiful little towns I have ever been to. We got some lunch and had a tour of their bull fighting ring. I find the whole bull fighting thing a bit upsetting! and when you tour the ring and see what it must be like for these frightened animals when they come out into the arena its just a bit upsetting really. I get that it is part of their culture though so I respect it, but I wouldn’t be paying any money to see it or support it. We headed further into town to see the “new bridge” which just looked like an ordinary bridge until you look down and see there are walking trails, waterfalls, creeks and a mini rainforest, its stunning! There were hotels and restaurants built into the side of the cliff to take advantage of the incredible views! Very cool!
We soon got to Granada headed to our hostel which is really funky!
Shortly after settling in we headed out for a tapas tour. The first place served free tapas with you drink and then we all ordered platters to share which came with a huge variety of yummy tapas! Didnt get too much there because there was so many of us and theres never enough food when alcohol is involved ahha but the next tapas place made me glad I had savoured my appetite! It was a chic little cocktail bar that serves tapas free with every drink, but not your average olives, bread kind of thing. Full on amazingly delicious tapas that make you want more! We had croquettes and then we decided to order off the menu because we wanted more! We got a yummy carpaccio also! and it only cost us 10 euro for a wine, sangria, carpaccio and croquettes and we were full! I love Spain!
After this it was time to party we headed to a quiet bar and it was just us until about 12. We all got a free shot on arrival and the beer and sangria was only 1 euro each. This is dangerous! I got pretty drunk I gotta say but I had a blast and danced till all hours of the morning. Really great night! It was very tough getting up the next morning though for our walking tour but … the price you pay for a great night out and a few laughs! haha