Iberian Adventure – Day Twenty

Day Six
We left the hostel at about 9:30am … urghh struggletown! We had a very steep incline to get to the Alhambra for our walking tour. I think it was the best thing for us all because Im sure the alcohol would have sweated out! We were all pretty hungover, Sangrias are the devil!
The tour of the Alhambra was fantastic, although very hungover and may have felt like passing out under a tree somewhere at the time, I am really glad I persisted because it is one of those things that you really need to see once in your life.
It is amazing to think that so long ago people were able to construct such beautiful architecture, with so much attention to detail! Even before our country was found and settled, these building were being made … Its a pretty crazy thought!
The gardens were also very beautiful, so it was a nice way to start the day! We went back into town with Eric and another one of a tour mates, Amanda and we grabbed some lunch. It was a 4 course meal for 12 euro … I mean this is crazy talk! We had bread with olive oil and dips to start and then Rhys and I both ordered the Paella, yummy! Main was grilled chicken and vegetables with dessert being melon for me (needed something fresh after all the drinking!) and Rhys got the house tart. Very full!!!
We went back to the hostel for a little nap because in the arvo we were going to a Hammam, which is a relaxing series of pools,  cold, warm, hot and then a steam room. After our nap though we were virtually paralysed. So tired after the walking, the food and the hangover haha. We were very close to pulling the pin and passing on the Hammam, but I managed to pull Rhys out of bed and we headed along. So glad I did! Very relaxing! Just what we needed. We moved from pool to pool and we did around 4 rotations of all they had to offer! It was fantastic.
When we got back we got dressed and headed out to get some dinner, we decided to go get the same tapas that we had the day before but when we got there they were closed. We waited around for half an hour and they were open at about 7.30. They told us the kitchen wasn’t open until 8 so we decided to find somewhere else to eat because we had a Flamenco show to go to and we were meeting the others at 8.30.
We found a little restaurant and ordered beef carpaccio, a very different looking artichoke dish, and a beef fillet dish for Rhys. The carpaccio came and then nothing else for about 40 mins, we were running out of time at this stage and it didn’t seem like they were in any rush so we had to leave without our food… this made me very sad! We paid, tipped heftily and ran back to the hostel to meet everyone to go to the flamenco… little did we know we were actually going for drinks first so we could have finished eating and met them later … dang! oh well!
We headed up to the Flamenco show which was in these little caves. It was very intimate and very authentic, very cool!
Afterwards we headed to a little outdoor cafe in the dark, by candlelight and we had mint tea and shisha was on offer. We then decided to go into the city and try for a second time to get some food!
We went to the tapas place again that we had tried to go to earlier. When we got there a few of our tour mates were already there and they were telling us how they hadn’t paid for any food but it just kept coming free with their drinks and it was fantastic! We ordered a couple of drinks, waited for our tapas and they never came … so we decided to order off the menu and the lady snapped at us and said no food … We saw a couple people who ordered drinks after us get tapas so we waited patiently until we heard her tell the other patrons there was no more tapas … So by now Rhys and I are pretty hungry and a little grumpy … Rhys got a bucket load of icecream I got a pack of Doritos and we headed back to the hostel feeling very neglected by Granada and its tapas 😦 Which is a shame because their tapas were sooooo good 😦
Tomorrow we head back from the tour and I’m feeling a little sad … I dont want it to end!!