Iberian Adventure – Day Twenty One

Day Seven
Granada to Madrid
Today we got up fairly early and left to go back to Madrid, we stopped at the same service stop as we did on the first day and we just got toastadas which was good and then we headed along to the town of Toledo, which is very cute! We had lunch of croquettes and pizza which was ok, and then we walked around the town for a little while until it was time to meet up with the group.
When we got back on the bus Amy and Jay had made a slide show of all the photos from the trip many drunken, crazy photos which you will not see on my blog but I am sure they will show up when I get tagged on facebook hahaha such crazy fun times! But it made me feel sad because we will never be seeing these people all together again like that … and that sucks because we had an absolute ball!! Before Toledo we also stopped at a nice little scenic location for photos by these amazing windmills. For my busabout peeps! If you want any of these pics let me know 🙂
We got back to Madrid, Rhys and I left the group caught a cab and checked ourselves into our hotel
Had a quick nap and got ready to head out and meet the crew for one last catch up! We met for tacos and a few terrible cocktails hahahaha! I felt really sad saying goodbye to everyone … When they were out of sight my eyes welled up … Rhys couldn’t believe I got upset. I was happy that I had met such cool people and sad that I had to say goodbye to them! I’m a big softy what can I say.
Afterwards we caught the metro to the Santiago Bernabeu which is the home of Real Madrid … Rhys was so stoked to be there! It wasn’t open so we just walked the perimeter and he got ice-cream but he loved it! After we caught the metro back to our hotel ready to get up and catch the train to Valencia!