Valencia – Day Twenty Two

30th July
We didn’t have a ticket to go to Valencia but we headed to the station to see what we could get. There was a train available much later in the day so we waited for that. Got on the train and within 2 hours we were in Valencia and we got a taxi to our hotel, which was close to the main things I wanted to see.
We went to the see the architecture of the ” La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias” When we were there we chilled outside by the water with a beer, what a life ey!
We then headed up to the dinosaur exhibition for a bit of fun, it was terrible and the dinosaurs literally sounded like “aaooggaa” horns or lions haha
After we headed along to the restaurant strip and found a place that had a few dishes that took our fancy, we got the carpaccio again, because it seems to be the only safe dish that isn’t full of carbs. It was fantastic as always! We decided to both get the Turbot for our mains, which we were recommended and I have always wanted to try it … It was terrible! So full of bones, in fact it was almost all bone and you had to feel around and chew before you swallowed or you could of killed yourself, I dissected it pretty well but there were bones everywhere!!! Rhys was horrified by it! We couldn’t wait to get away from the restaurant.
Afterwards I was dying to get along to the oceanographic which is their aquarium. They have dolphon shows at night, penguins and beluga whales! AMAZING! The dolphin show was like Cirque de Soleil in water, I almost cried it was so amazing hahaha again with me being a softy! But seriously these dolphins were amazing!
We went along to the penguin exhibit afterwards which was really cool because a little girl went right up to the glass and one of the penguins swam up to her and was following her as she walked along the front … it was adoreable. It was like he found his human companion and he wouldn’t leave her side! So cute!! He was performing for her too … swirling around in the water and splashing around 🙂 The Beluga whale aquarium was really impressive! and there were two in there swimming happy together playing. Really worth going to if you are ever in Valencia!!
Feeling a little ill after the Turbot, we headed back to the hotel for a good rest after such a hectic week! Tomorrow is Barcelona! Can’t wait!! 3 days in paradise! Bring it on!