Barcelona – Day Twenty Three

31st July
So today we jumped on our train at about 11:00am and got to Barcelona by 2:00pm the train ride felt like it went for much longer. The seats didn’t seem as comfortable as others we have been on but they views were fantastic, a lot of the time we were literally on the waters edge on the coast and we could see thousands of people chilling on the beach!
We found our way to the place to collect our keys for our holiday rental which happened to be very close to the Gothic Cathedral which is amazing! It seems to be undergoing some renovation because there were cranes and scaffolding covering a lot of it which was a bit distracting, still very impressive!
After we got our keys we caught the metro to find our adorable apartment with full facilities, cooking, washing the whole lot! We went for a walk to find some shops so I can cook again but its Sunday so nothing was open, we got a few snacks from a little corner store, bought too much ice-cream and we headed to a place to have some patatas bravas and a pizza, which was ok. I am definitely missing having fresh salads! too many carbs for my liking! haha
Then we went back to our apartment to figure out the washing machine and do some MUCH needed clothes washing! What a nightmare … I think we spent about 2 hours trying to figure out why it wasn’t filling with water and then we spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out why it wasn’t draining … Rhys was pretty trigger happy pressing way too many buttons, but second load is in now and I’m feeling confident that we have figured it out fingers crossed!! Hahaha … we may have no clothes to wear by tomorrow haha but I tell ya washing machines in spanish are hard work! and we have no idea what the pictures are trying to represent! Very strange! hahaha
Tomorrow I think Rhys is wanting to head along to another soccer stadium and I plan on cooking a feast so that is the plan and if we ruin our clothes tonight we will be shopping haha! MUM COME TO BARCELONA AND SAVE ME FROM THE WASHING MACHINE! hahaha just kidding! I am sort of an adult now, gotta figure this one out ahahha
We don’t have any WIFI for the next few days either, so I am writing these blogs on my computer and loading them up later so you will probably get a bulk amount of blogs, sorry guys! Just doing what I can.
Miss you all