My Work

I am a super driven, passionate person. I love capturing and creating photographs, and memories! I believe in doing what you love every day! So I have created a work life that helps me live out my passions daily.

I started Erin McKenzie Creative in 2011, specialising in family and newborn portrait photography. The idea came to me while travelling through Europe (which I have journalled on this blog, you can read it from the beginningĀ HERE) I launched the day I got back andĀ I have been loving every moment since! My business continues to evolve and grow but my main joy is meeting and engaging with people, learning about their stories and capturing images for them to treasure into the future.

Because I am a busy minded gal, my gut was telling me to develop something new to run alongside my regular photography work. I launched my interior wall art business in 2016, Elemental Prints, out of a desire to travel more and to be more mindful and present in the moment. I wanted to bring some peaceful nature artwork into my own home and I thought why not see if others like them too? … turns out they do! You can head to our online store here:

Who knows where the future will take me, but I am so looking forward to seeing the images that I create as I go!