Day Thirty-One

August 8th

We had seen most of the things in Florence that we wanted to see so today was all about food! We chilled out most of the morning and then we walked the streets looking at more menus to find a good place to eat.

We found a little place called Ristorante Angels which had a really beautiful interior. The food was lovely simple flavours, but delicious! We ordered the Bruchetta as an entree, I got the butter, sage sauce Ravioli and Rhys ordered the “Florentine steak”. The waitress skipped our bruschetta, obviously didnt hear us and we only got mains, which was disappointing because the food we did receive was delicious!

After lunch we headed along to see Michelangelo’s house, or one of should I say … not really worth a look in, I doubt he even lived here long and when Rhys asked the ticket guy if he really lived here, the guy just laughed. Haha! No it was pretty cool, there were a couple of his pieces here, mainly the uncompleted stuff and there were art works by other people that were donated to his descendants, that lived in the house after he passed.

Then we just wandered the streets of Florence for longer until we got lost, which I think we are now finding fun, then you have to test your memory to get back, or cheat and use the map haha!

We got back to the hotel had a rest and then we decided to grab some dinner! We went back to a restaurant we passed last night that was too busy and there were lines out the front. There were people out the front again tonight and Rhys and I were both undecided whether to line up. I went inside to put our name down and join the queue and when we went in they let us straight through. Not really sure why people were all hanging outside haha but oh well! We were in!

It was a very busy place! Two levels, rustic wood panelled walls and brick work. Florescent lighting and basic looking food. We were probably expecting too much, but I guess we got a very authentic experience. The waiters pretended to understand what we wanted when we asked for 2 coca-colas that we never received… twice haha pretty sure coca-cola is the same in every language but they seemed to understand everything else. We got the bruschetta, and crostini for entree and I got the melon and prosciutto. For mains – the lasagna and Rhys got the meat spaghetti. Meals were fine but everything seemed to taste the same and Rhys described it as cans of braised steak haha which he said was nice … nothing wrong with it but not what we expected! haha!

Afterwards we walked through the main strip. We saw a street performer that was entertaining at the start until he kept plucking people out of the audience because he wasn’t funny on his own. He even made a little girl cry and scared the shit out of a few dogs … So I snuck away, he saw me trying to get away and made stupid faces at me but I didn’t care … stupid performer

Then we had some gelato, granitas and people watched on the steps till late. Tomorrow is Rhys’ birthday and my plan is to get up early to sneak out the hotel to get him something since he hasn’t let me buy anything and wont let me leave his side to do a birthday shop haha