The beginnings of a business

Beginning a business is tough! I am so passionate about this and excited which is keeping me afloat, but I never knew there would be so many things that I needed to pay for to get this thing going. As they say you need to speculate to accumulate, but how do you speculate when you have just been on a very expensive adventure around Europe and your all out of dollars to speculate with??!

Well I decided to start a one time introductory offer for mums and bubs – a ridiculously cheap, crazy, good offer to get people in the door. Hopefully they will get talking and then tell their friends once they are happy with the shots! Now I know I can’t live off this kind of income but the shoots will be fantastic and I hope that from there I will get more business. I am only just starting out after all. As soon as I put this advert out I had booked all 5 within a few days! Which is great! Now the fun part – researching concepts weehee!

The great thing about all of the shoots is that all the families have such individual personalities, which will be super fun when it comes to shooting on the day 🙂

I have been getting all my best ideas at crazy times in the night and morning, so I have been having some pretty late nights but I know it will be worth it in the end. I am going to be working on something else thats a little exciting… More design orientated this time but I can’t tell you until I have got it figured out perfectly but it’s pretty cool 🙂 So keep an eye out!