Just a quick note of appreciation

This is just a super quick blog to say a huge thank you to the very sweet Ines from the blog – I’monnet photo, she made mention of me in her blog today 🙂 she received the ‘one lovely blog’ award herself and she then passed it on by listing her favorite bloggers … Which I will do very soon (when it’s not 4:00am and I’m half asleep hehe)

Ines is the most dedicated blogger I think I have ever witnessed – it’s always comforting when I get her posts sent to me via email! It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about photography dedicating so much time and love into it! I cant wait to read many more of her posts into the future! You rock miss and thanks again for the mention

Check out her posts – especially photography enthusiasts!!! She is a great example of what we should all be about – constantly researching, bettering ourselves and having the never ending love and passion for photography! amazing 🙂

I’monnet Photo – check it out now!

I hope this post makes sense … I am half asleep after all … But thanks should never wait …