Dreaming …

It has to be said first and foremost … I am mildy obsessive when it comes to my goals haha! I am a bit of a dreamer .. I plan 5 years in advance, and I am forever dreaming about homes and beautiful spaces.barkley

So I liked/loved my previous home, but I wasn’t quite settled. It was a great starter home, but when you own a Bernese Mountain dog, you need a home a little bigger than a match box hehe! He takes up quite a lot of space hehe!


homeI was on a mission … bigger space … hmmm what to do? I couldn’t find a place I liked for sale in our price range, so I got a builder in (Nuchange homes). I asked them to design a double storey extension in our home so that we could stay there with all the extra space we needed. They did an incredible job! From a paper sketch dream, to an incredible proposed space in a short matter of time! The quote was reasonable too! So we started the process of speaking to the bank and our broker.

house plans1
External Previews with proposed upper level extension
house plans
These are the plans that Nuchange homes provided! Couldn’t fault the service!

After a few discussions, we realised we would need to stay here for quite some time to make it worth the extra spend … and we realised, this may not be our  dream long-term home. So we decided it’s not a great plan to go ahead with construction. Planning sure was fun though!

The process made it very clear I wanted a change. I was unsettled and almost without realising, every single morning before I got out of bed I would scroll through the Domain + RealEstate.com.au Property apps. Just waiting for that one property to sing out to me. If I am honest, I never thought it would happen.

and then one day … this property popped up … on a street the same name as my best Friend – meant to be? who knows hehe!


I don’t know what it was, but I was filled with butterflies! I couldn’t wait for Rhys (my partner) to get home to show him pictures, so I sent the link through to him .. and to all my other favourite people haha! I sent it to them with the caption “I FOUND MY HOME!” With responses like, “It’s very you” “ooh I like that” and maybe the odd “you’re crazy” in there. Rhys who was very used to me sending through possible properties made no comment! haha

When he got home and saw how genuinely excited I was, realised soon after, he wouldn’t be able to avoid a home viewing. We had done a few home viewings to date, and nothing was right .. either he loved it, and it would sell that very day or it wasn’t the “right” one. So Rhys’ expectations were low … in fact, he said “Erin, you love it, just go with your mum, and if you still love it, we will go again”. So that s what I did …

We were early, so we pulled up the street, parked and we went for a short walk – I looked around the hills and felt this odd feeling .. I turned to mum and I said “Mum … this is our house, I can just feel it”

and well … it was! It took longer than expected in an awful market to sell our home, and there were many occasions where I thought we would lose our little slice of paradise, but I should have trusted my gut .. The quirky house on the hill became all ours


oh and Rhys? Of course Rhys loved it .. he walked in and gave me this cheeky “wow .. ok this time you’re totally right .. this is THE place” face … haha! and it was then we both knew we had found our long-term home. The dream became real.