Lake Tahoe – The Jacuzzi Snow Penguin

You know when you have one of those amazing, life affirming days. Those laugh until your belly hurts, smile so much your cheeks hurt days? Today was that!!

My day started by helping Marshall prep for the wedding. We wanted to check out the lake to scout for their first look photos – but I could see there were a few priority things that needed to be completed first, so I helped them fix that up AND got to the Lake, so casually killin’ it and it felt good to help Marshall and KC get through the tasks ahead of them. It was so nice to picture how everything was going to go on the day and I got a little teary imagining our Marshall marrying his love!


Marshall and KC had a rehearsal in the afternoon, which I got to at the very end, but my top priority was tackling printing some of the wedding stationary on the hotels computer (which was a major challenge, even for a post design student haha) but all sorted, feeling accomplished I headed back to the hotel to rest and prep for the next days big event!

Marshall and KC were getting a little nervous about the ceremony location due to the snow that continued to fall today, but I was quietly celebrating. An Australian photographer, capturing a wedding in the snow? Are you kidding?? 100 times yes!

I prepped all my gear in the hotel room. Oh and finally had a chance to check the banana bread! MOULD FREE PEOPLE!! turns out I can adult after all!! HAHA!

We sat watching the snow fall heavily outside, fire on, and it filled my soul with all them feels. Looked to the hotel grounds and saw a thick blanket of snow. Being a typical Aussie meant OF COURSE I was going to go out in in. Kirsten, Rhys and I ran out into the snow, narrowly avoided the massive chunks falling from the hotel upper levels. Many laughs – and then. the snowballs were airborne.


I’m not sure what it is about snow, but it makes Rhys go crazy! He turns into a child and jumps around in a reckless way that his 32 year old body isn’t quite ready for (without a decent warm up first of course hahahaha)

Throwing himself onto the outdoor pool table (weird I know) and making snow angels. Kirsten just dove into the ground and the laughs were loud and hearty. This was all made funnier in the afternoon when Jackson (the celebrant/groomsmen we drank with last night) was videoing us from his hotel with other guests, and they were laughing at our childish snow fun.

Freezing cold and totally hyped up, Kirsten yells out “Wouldn’t it be amazing having a jacuzzi and looking out at the snow” … and I looked at her with total joy “KIRSTEN … THERE IS AN OUTDOOR JACUZZI” We both stood there mouths open STOKED! We just came up with the best idea of all ideas, ever!!

Scott was still too sick and told us we are dumb, so we left him to enjoy a terrible afternoon movie and we jumped up to the top level.

There it was steaming hot … surrounded with thick snow. There was slight hesitation, but we are too dumb to let that get in the way. I ran out barefoot into the snow, plunged my feet unto the bath like warmth of the jacuzzi! Holy heck. GREAT LIFE DECISION!


A stranger must have had the same brainwave as us, 6 pack of beers in hand and he jumped in too … we chilled out, enjoyed the view loved every bit of warmth and laughed the afternoon away. I made a snow man … or more specifically a  “Jacuzzi snow penguin” haha! We never wanted to get out, but alas … we would need to at some stage.

Kirsten had bought some frozen pizzas to cook for dinner, so we went back to the room, heated up a feast, and had an early night in preparation for the wedding tomorrow.

What a day. Sometimes it’s the simple moments, the quirky ideas that will create lasting memories. Best day!