Wine, rain and more rain

Happy Easter everyone!

I have come to the conclusion that I am more duck than human. I love the rain. I love everything about it. I will happily sit in it … and today IT’S BEEN RAINING!! Finally!

So Rhys, Scott (my sisters husband), Kirsten and I decided to go for a nice trip to the Swan Valley to meet some friends, do a few wine tastings and have some lunch. Wine + Rain = Very happy Erin

Mckenzie came along also and she was very well behaved, slept pretty much the whole time!

We had lunch at a winery called “the laughing barrel” who fit us in even though they were fully booked. Food was great! took a while to get but considering they were 50 over their capacity and still fed us, it was wonderful!

I had the Sultimbocca chicken – chicken wrapped in proscuitto with a sage cream sauce. Chiken cooked to perfection. My sister had the pizza and a salad and she was also very pleased with her meal. So thanks ‘Laughing Barrel’!

When we got home after visiting a distillery I organised an egg hunt for Rhys … So much chocolate, too much! He has turned into a hyped up crazy person after all the sugar 🙂 hahaha

Believe it or not there is another layer about 3cm of cadbury mini eggs under all this ... Too much chocolate

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!