Bookings bookings and oh! did I mention bookings!?

So I haven’t been very good with my blog lately … Sorry! Very busy booking accommodation for my Europe trip and spending time with the family!  I just booked a couple ‘busabout’ tours one in Spain and Portugal and another one through the Greek Islands! Not really much of a ‘tour’ person but I think it might be nice to have some of the trip planned out for me!

So I just booked the most amazing place in Santorini… A little on the pricey side but I figure you only live once and I know its going to be amazing!

Room with a view
Amazing pool area
Beautiful View from the pool

So as you can imagine I am very excited! Well I better continue booking more places! Thought I would give a quick update!

By the way if you like the look of this place for your own holiday it is Astra Suites in Santorini