London – Day One

Actually the 9th of July (delayed post-sorry haha)
Today we made the trek from our hotel near Heathrow into the city. We bought a Oyster pass for a few days so we can do as much travelling through London as we please. I had no idea at the start of our journey that I would have to lift my bag up so many stairs! No lifts anywhere and to top it off the rail line we were on was under construction so we had to catch a rail replacement bus. All part of the adventure though. We also got lost looking for our hotel which made me come to the decision that we are going to buy a GPS no more worrying just listen to the lady … Hey Kirsten … hopefully this one isn’t another Bridgette haha or we may not make it anywhere.

Our hotel is called Sidney Hotel Victoria, the room is pretty small but it’s clean and the wifi is pretty cheap so we are happy.

We are pretty close to Buckingham Palace were we are staying so we went for a walk up there to get a few pics and we just kept walking from there and ended up in the West End and at Trafalgar Square, which was pretty busy but very cool!

We found a nice little park on the way over and we hung out on the deck chairs with Woody (need to find a new name for him because it is very embarrassing when we are in public and I ask Rhys “have you still got woody” hahaha but it’s an important question to ask because we don’t want to lose our fellow traveller.

We found a burger King and I was over the moon! HAHA love the packaging and it tastes so much better than Hungry Jacks!

There is an M&M world so as you can imagine Rhys was in his element! Hope you like these pics Kirsten 🙂

We walked along and found a toy store called Hamley’s after a few people recommending it. It was a 5 level wonderland filled with amazing toys! We were there for quite a while haha! Afterwards we went for dinner at a restaurant called Mermaids Tail. Rhys ate what looked like a whole baby pigs worth of ribs. Not as good as yours though dad I promise!

After dinner we headed along to Ripleys believe it or not which was pretty cool! There was a maze mirror as well which looked pretty cool but it was way to easy because peoples finger prints everywhere made it very obvious

So it was quite a big day and we have a lot more to come!