London – Day Two

10th July

Today we headed to the London Tower. Which was very pretty, but very busy and we lined up to see the Crown Jewels which … In my opinion were pretty average. I’m not the kind of gal who is interested in jewellery anyways, no matter who has worn it or how much its worth. It may have been because we had to line up to see it for a while and thats not my sort of thing either haha! I feel like I am the idiot abroad at the moment haha I am probably being completely ignorant but I dont know what all the fuss is about with the crown jewels haha

This one is for Jade and Baxter haha they had models of all the kings horses made and it was really cool, you would have liked it. I took a picture of this particular one because it reminded me of Baxter hahaa

This is the mugs like us lining up to see the Crown Jewels boo! haha

After going to the Tower we jumped on the Underground and went to Harrods, which was massive! People everywhere again but I LOVED the food hall! It was amazing and I want to go back just to eat there! It looked fantastic! I wish we could buy all the ingredients that were there back at home! Oh and we found Woody!
This pic is for Krystle! and when I get a Sim card there will be plenty more Penguin sightings.
After Harrods we were exhausted and somehow managed to walk our way to a pub just up the road from our hotel for a few pub snacks and beers.

It was a big day of walking and our legs were hurting so we went back to the hotel for a rest before heading out at about 9.00 and I woke up this morning still fully clothed, we had both passed out. Such oldies haha