London – Day Three

11th of July

Today we started our day by heading to Madame Toussauds. We had a top 4 pass which gave us access to the wax works, London Eye, London Dungeon and London aquarium. There were lines around the building so I am really glad we bought our tickets in advance! When we got inside it was heaving with people so it was pretty difficult to get photos! We had this one group of about 30 people, an indian family… no kidding 30 or more of them! That were actually nudging me out of the way so they didnt get seperated, and then stopping in our way to take photos and blocking the whole area off haha we actually had to run to dodge them so we could see everything haha! We then bumped into the group AGAIN at the London eye … it was actually pretty funny.

London Eye was the next attraction on the agenda and the lines were pretty bad! More of the queuing to get into a queue to get into a queue … With no exaggeration! The view was OK but not worth the wait.

As you can see in the bottom right hand image I am not impressed with the lines haha! But we used being up high to find out where the London Aquarium was for our next stop haha
I loved the London Aquarium! So many lovely colours!

Loved the Penguin enclosure!

After the London Aquarium we jumped on the tube and headed to the London Dungeon which was pretty well done, terrible acting in parts but the rides were cool! The worst part was that some parents brought their VERY small children in and it actually scared the life out of them they were sobbing in complete fear the whole time and I felt terrible for the parents because they should have been told it wasn’t suitable.

There was a ride at the end of the tour that dropped you from the roof down as if you were being hung and they took a photo which we didn’t know about. I wish I had paid for a copy because Rhys looked terrified because he actually hurt his neck on the way down and I looked happier than I have ever seen myself in a photo ahahha way too funny for words! If only I could show you all!

Our last stop for the evening was dinner at a restaurant in Green Park on the way home. We found a lovely little place called Citrus outside one of the hotels and boy was it a little gem! The food was amazing!!

Tomorrow will be a very cruisey, relaxing day hopefully because today was very busy! Miss you all at home!