Paris – Day Six

14th July

Today is Bastille Day in France which is their national holiday and it is kinda a big deal haha! Today Rhys has come down with a cold, which is no good, so we rested for the first half of the day in our hotel until he felt well enough to have a little walk around. First stop was lunch … of course! hehe! So we went to a busy little restaurant on the corner of our street called le Bistrote de Maelle which serves casual traditional, french food. They had steak tartare on the menu or “tartare de beoff” so of course I had to try it! I was pretty disappointed! I mean I like my raw foods, love carpaccio but this I wasn’t fond of … which I am completely bummed about. Rhys had a yummy steak which he enjoyed, I seem to be really off the mark with picking nice food lately.

Since we got so lost on our first day we decided to buy a GPS so we took a stroll into one of the busier retail areas and got one that has all of the European maps! Woo!! hopefully there will be no more getting lost! We stopped at got some ice-cream on the way.

It was a very scenic walk! I love all the fresh flower markets that are everywhere! Flowers are all over paris! All the buildings and ledges are decorated with plants and flowers. Its very pretty. The buildings are beautiful too! All old and beautifully restored!

Rhys started to get more choked with the cold so we went back to the room for a nap. Some free WIFI for me … WOO! Love free WIFI! hehehe and rested till about 5:30 when we headed to Champs Elysees where all the military shows were happening. There were sky shows, but we missed them, So we sat on the grass for a little while until we were moved to watch the planes leave the area. They were massive! There were people everywhere to wave them off.

After that we walked along toward the Eiffel Tower along the way there were market stalls, food stalls, singers and musicians. people dancing – All getting into the spirit of Bastille Day! Cars were frantically trying to get into or out of the city but there were people everywhere!

We decided to just have McDonald for dinner then grab some snacks and wine and watch the fireworks from our hotel. McDonalds was packed! You cannot imagine how busy it was and they even had two people serving on a till so that one spoke English for tourists. Because the line was so huge Rhys decided that meant we needed to order a lot! So we got a large Big Mac meal a regular McChicken meal a double cheese burger and another cheese burger, I ate the double cheese burger he ate the rest hahaha hungry boy! We then walked back bought some snacks from the local Marche and I set myself up on the balcony for a lovely evening of sunsets and fireworks!

The fireworks were spectacular! I have never seen anything like it! They even had little love heart fireworks which was very cute! The theme was broadway! You could hear all the music from all the way from the Eiffel Tower so we didn’t miss a thing! It was a great way to end our stay at this hotel! We are moving to a different hotel tomorrow. One closer to a main station to get to Euro disney in a couple days 🙂 weehee!