Paris – Day Seven

15th July

Today we moved on from our hotel near the Eiffel Tower and headed to our next place of stay, Hotel du Home Moderne. It was a 30 minute walk away which in the heat of the day carrying our bags was a bit of a mission. Poor Rhys is very sick with the cold so I’m not sure how he made it, but he was determined we didn’t need a taxi haha.

The hotel isn’t in a touristy area like the last one, so it is nice knowing the cafes and restaurants are probably better food for less money because they are made for local Parisians.

We stayed in the hotel for a little while today so that Rhys could rest because we have a big night tonight, The Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower. In the afternoon when Rhys felt  bit better we headed up the road to the corner of the street to grab a bite. I ordered the Cheese Burger … of course and Rhys got a club sandwhich. The cheese burger was amazing, It came laid our in sections so you could make it as you pleased. It was just like a Maccas cheese  burger only the meat was better. I was pretty pleased as you can imagine.

We really shouldn’t have eaten so late though since we have a 4 course meal to come at the Moulin Rouge, but we hadn’t eaten all day and who could resist Le Cheese Burger

We booked a taxi for 6.00pm got dressed, headed down stairs at about 5:58 to find our taxi already waiting outside for us. Just a tip people, NEVER let your hotel book your taxi for you or book one yourself, just find one. When we went to get into the taxi the meter was already at 13 Euro, when we asked he said thats what you get charged for booking… wont be doing that again! You don’t even need to book there are taxis everywhere in Paris haha AND 13 Euro was more than what the whole journey should have cost!

At the Moulin Rouge as your going in, you feel like you are part of an exclusive club, there were men in tuxedos everywhere and you were ushered to your seats. The menu was amazing lobster to start then scallops in a rich creamy soup. Mains were roasted lamb cutlets and mine was turbot in a creamy sauce. Dessert we both chose the strawberry martini. It was all very good, but because we ate earlier we werent ready to eat haha

Cameras and photography were strictly prohibited during the show so I couldn’t take pictures of it all for you! The show was great! There was a part though, during the show which bothered me. A tank full of water was raised with 3 live snakes in it and one of the girls swam around with them. They weren’t snakes that ordinarily go into water so I felt really bad for them! There were also miniature ponies and a dog on stage. I dont know animal shows in general upset me … It must be scary for them, all the lights and noise.

The show ran on later than planned and we had to get to the Eiffel Tower at 11 since we had booked in advance, so I only had a very quick chance to take pics out the front before hopping in a cab.

The pictures you see next are photographs of the program, since we cant take pics of the show and I want you to see how great the makeup and costuming was. The snake girl is also pictured. The program was really great too, bit pricey but we had to have it. Definitely recommend spending the money to go see the Moulin Rouge!

We soon after got the the Eiffel Tower we ran through with our tickets, they were very forgiving with us being late. Booking in advance meant no queuing up too! Which was great, we ran right up to the lifts and got up pretty quick!

Being up there was ok, but it wasnt worth queuing up for. So my advice if you want to pay online in advance!

It was a very busy night and Rhys managed OK even with the cold. Tomorrow is Euro DIsney so we headed back ready for an early morning urghhh haha