Paris – Day Eight

16th July

Today was EURO DISNEY DAY!! I was pretty excited about it! This is the stuff your childhood dreams are made of!

It was a bit of a trek from our hotel to get there but worth it.

Kirsten – Please note: second row far right… there was about 20 Woodies hung by there necks to a post … tragic! Maybe they all made a pact to end it all when they couldn’t escape the park haha

We didnt get there till later in the afternoon, because we had the Wild West dinner show in the evening and I didnt want to get there earlier and burn out. There were kids everywhere – Screaming, crying, laughing, banging on things, pushing passed you. It was crazy! Time flew by way too quickly and before we knew it we only had half an hour left in the park and we had barely been on any rides! We had been on the Buzz blaster, the ghost house and the Tower of Terror, which was so so scary, I thought I would die!

We were a bit sad we didnt get to do much but we headed along to the Wild West Show anyways, because it cost a lot and there was the promise of food. The show was pretty good, the food was served in these amazing rustic dishes, it was pretty impressive, and we got cowboy hats to keep (which we left on a fire hydrant hahaha) When the show finished at about nine and we walked outside it was raining so heavily! We then realised that the park was open till 11 … So as you can imagine we were both over the moon! We grabbed a couple rain ponchos and ran to the park. It was deserted. The rain had scared everyone off and there were no lines on the main rides! I had also had 3/4 of a bottle of wine during the Wild West show so you cannot imagine how happy I was running around, a wee bit tiddley at Disney Land with no lines in the rain!  for those that know me well, know this is the best possible scenario! I could honestly say it was one of the best days of my life, and I have had some pretty amazing days!

We went on everything! Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain 2, Canyon Mountain and so many more! The rain was so heavy I felt like I had been swimming.

I was so satisfied with how the day went! It was the best fun being a kid again for a little while! Tomorrow we leave Paris for Lyon. Not sure what its like but it will be nice even to do nothing for a couple days! This acting like a kid stuff gets tiring!