Lyon – Day Ten

19th July

So today got better! Thankfully!

We hopped on the train into what we think was the main part of Lyon, we don’t really know but it was nice! We grabbed a couple Baguettes, they were yummy! and an amazing tartlet .. oh boy! It tasted as good as it looked! It was filled with a vanilla cream yummy!

We just strolled around and looked at the architecture, we found a good food shop too that was filled with lots of yummy ingredients! So we bought way too many and I am going to make Rhys a yummy dinner.

While chilling in our room though we had a little visitor – a beautiful ginger cat that I am going to pretend is Pepper haha following me all the way from Perth. He has been sitting outside our door for an hour or so wanting food. I want to let him in and cuddle him but thats weird hahaha

We didn’t do too much today though, it was nice to relax. We are going to do some planning for Bordeaux which is where we are headed tomorrow and I cooked Rhys some dinner!

I made fillet steak wrapped in prosciutto with pan fried potatoes and a peppercorn sauce with slow cooked onions and a side of radish salad. Pretty yummy! and pretty good considering I had to cook with a butter knife and two pans on a stove top and no oven haha

Hope you are all well! Missin you!