Bordeaux – Day Eleven

Today we went to the train station – nice and early haha about 3 hours early. Picked up our tickets from the “E-ticket collection” machine and went into the SCNF office and a lady there helped us book a few of our future trains. So in comparison to our Paris train experience, this was a dream! The train ride itself was very long! It was a good eight hours that consisted of eating, looking out the window, reading and sleeping so this post will be very boring!

On the way into Bordeaux there were vineyards everywhere! Which is exciting! Bordeaux is one of the main wine areas of France and I love wine! haha

As we headed closer into the city first impressions weren’t great! The houses we went passed looked like they could fall apart if you sneezed and there was graffiti everywhere. Rhys was willing the train to keep moving, hoping the train wouldn’t stop in that area. It was like a money wheel, and you are hoping it will keep moving closer to the higher dollar amount haha thankfully the train did move into a lovely area. Do not let your initial thoughts as you pull into Bordeaux put you off because honestly – Bordeaux is the most beautiful city I have seen yet!

We decided to walk from the station to get a feel for the area it was a good 30 min walk which wasn’t too bad and our hotel is in a great location! Its over the bridge from the main town but it is near a few good pubs, a cinema and maccas, so that suits us to a tee haha

After settling in our room we headed to the pub for a bite and a drink, our waitress spoke perfect English and they played pub tracks that made me feel like I was back in Oz, just what we needed!

Rhys ordered an amazing steak and I had duck fillet that was cooked beautifully! Pretty great start to our stay in Bordeaux, Tomorrow we will venture into the city and see what is on offer