Bordeaux – Day Twelve

Today we had more of a chance to have a wonder around Bordeaux. We were going to book a wine tour but the city itself is so beautiful, we decided to stay and see what it is all about.
We caught the tram in which seems to be the main mode of transport here an it was pretty cheap too!

We went through the main part of town and everywhere you look in the city there is something to be in awe of … There are cathedrals everywhere and I love that the city has the contrast of old and new architecture and it blends so well!

I think we brought the winter with us because it has been grey skies everywhere we have been so far and today it was pouring with rain, which was lovely!

I have to say this has been my favourite place so far. I think it is far prettier than Paris!

We found this really great water feature along the river front. On the hour it drains and produces a really fine mist so that you can walk through it. We waited for a really long time and when it didn’t happen we walked away … only to see in the distance that it was misting. We ran so fast to get up there in time .. We got a couple photos and it stopped! I was devastated haha it was really great fun though getting pics of all the reflections.

I got a shot that I am really happy with … I saw this little girl venturing out onto the water before it drained with her shoes off and the rain had just stopped. She was tredding so carefully and I had to get a pic. Its the one below on the left. I like the mood of the shot. 🙂

We found a beautiful water fountain/statue further up into the city in the The Esplanade des Quinconces, it was pretty incredible! You would have loved it Jade, pretty horse/sea monsters haha The park surrounding was nice and there was a circus set up, but we didn’t have the chance to go

We found some really old and beautiful churches and cathedrals throughout the city. I will be honest as someone who isn’t religious I do find it all a little creepy, but you cant ignore the fact that it is amazing that they were able to build something as beautiful as these cathedrals so long ago! The stone vaults were pretty impressive! and after reading “Pillars of the Earth” I have a whole new appreciation for what goes into making something like it.

Later in the evening we went out to a restaurant called Fernand which was on the edge of the river. The food was traditional French and they served Escargot and it was on my list of must try’s so we ordered them. Before they arrived we were served an amuse bouche of mini shrimps, crusty loaf and a homemade flavoured butter. Enjoyed it, but it was hard to know if you were meant to eat the little suckers whole.

When the escargot came I was a little scared. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t expect them to look like your common garden variety snail… I was hoping they would look more like a sea snail … dammit! haha They were in a tomato based sauce and I am open to trying new things so I took one out of its shell, gave it a bit of a chew and was relieved it was slightly chewy, a bit like mussels! rather than the slimy oyster like texture I was dreading it may be. Rhys had a fish soup which was far too fishy … so entrees weren’t really a great success. I had a lot of wine by now so I kept on eating till I had finished them all. They really weren’t too bad … at the time.

Mains were goose breast for me and a duo of sea bass for Rhys. The goose was cooked perfectly and it was pretty delicious! So I was pleased with my choices! Rhys was happy with his also, he was especially happy with his dessert, so happy in fact he ate mine too … haha

After we had finished our wine and paid the bill we walked back over to our favourite spot, the water feature and waited in the pouring rain for the mist to turn on … When I say waiting, I was dancing around the place like an idiot loving the rain and Rhys was looking for a place to take cover hahaha! I took some photos of the reflections but with it being well over midnight there was no mist for us! 😦

We took a nice stroll back over the bridge to our hotel and went to sleep.

A few hours later I woke up not feeling well and next thing I knew it was morning and I had been vomitting most of the night … I even took my pillow into the bathroom and used a towel as a blanket so I could try sleep between being sick without disturbing Rhys hahaha! I’m not sure if it was the snails or the amuse bouche … hmmm very amusing … but it was awful! I feel queazy just looking at the pictures of the food from last night, so I really hope you appreciate it! 😉

Even after being violently ill, I stilled loved Bordeaux it is a beautiful town and if I had the chance I would go back for longer next time, do the wine tours and really explore the city in full! A definite must for visiting France! In the next post you will hear about our arrival in Madrid. For now its goodbye to France, and I gotta say I am looking forward to experiencing another new culture. 🙂