Madrid – Day Thirteen

Today we jumped on the tram into the center of Bordeaux and caught the number 1 bus that takes you straight to the airport. We were flying to Madrid today with a stop over in Geneva.

The flight was way to quick. I fell asleep the moment the plane took off and next thing you know Rhys is waking me because we are in Geneva. The airport was great, especially when we saw there was a Burger King. By now we are very over French food, and after me being sick all night, something familiar is a welcome treat! haha

There was a lovely little courtyard outside so it was nice that even though we were in an airport, between flights we could still go outside and get some fresh air.

After our refreshment we caught our connecting flight to Madrid. I was sitting between two very inconsiderate people, one at the front who put his chair back and hit me with it haha and another who was digging his knees in my back the whole journey. It was a short flight though, luckily!

We got to the airport and caught the metro to the closest station to our hotel which was Plaza de Espana and when we walked up the stairs onto the main street it was like stepping into Trafalgar square in London, it was a hive of activity, people everywhere! Huge buildings and it had a great vibe. We decided to catch a cab from there because our GPS battery died, only to discover we were about a 2 min walk from our hotel, very cheap cab ride! haha! The hotel is amazing!!!!

We paid just over $80 Australian dollars for an apartment with kitchen facilities and the room is huge!!! we are so happy! Bargain and definitely recommend to others its called “Suites Viena Madrid” beautiful apartment!

After settling in we thought we should try get some food even though it was 11.00 at night. We were pleasantly surprised to see that this seems to be peak hour for eating in Madrid! people everywhere we found a buzzing tapas place center of town and just bought a few small servings of a few of the tapas that seemed safe, again I am very cautious after last night! It was all deep fried delicious goodness! VERY YUMMY! 20 Euro for this, 2 softdrinks and 2 wines… not too bad! haha Rhys thought he was buying the most expensive wine on the menu at 9 euro but that was per bottle! because each wine was 1.50 euro I think I am going to like Spain! haha

We took a walk up the main strip and there are theatres showing ‘les miserables’ and ballets … seems to be a pretty happening place! The vibe is nice too, a lot of youth but they seem to all be pretty happy and theres a really casual feeling around!

We found a park that was right near our hotel, and at about 1am there were young people everywhere, all setting themselves up for a chill out in the park. Sitting on the grass with their picnic baskets and blankets.  There is a kiosk serving snacks, drink and ice creams open till late and people selling alcohol around the place. If there was something like that in Perth the police would be on it in a second. I also think if that was in Perth there would be fights and people behaving poorly, so Madrid is so different! We chilled out ont he grass for a while and just “people watched” it was a really nice way to start our stay in Madrid.

Krystle the Mr Poppers Penguins pic is for you so you can see the difference of how they say penguins in each country. Here’s a few more we have seen and will see further into the trip

Hope you like the pinguinos love! hehe

Loving Madrid so far! It is so warm right into the night. One night left to go and then we will have our Bus About tour!