Madrid – Day Fourteen

22nd July

Little delayed and this will only be a quick one since I have 8 days to catch up on! eek!

Today was a really relaxing day, we got hamburgers in our room and went on Skype with the folks and we got to see baby Mckenzie which was really great!! We were that caught up with Skype that we realised it was 4.00 in the arvo and we hadn’t left the hotel yet! The family at home were telling us to get a life and go outside but we knew it would be so hot! ahaha so in the pic you see there are some charming pics of Rhys and I sheilding our eyes from daylight haha


We decided to head out check the Palacio Real de Madrid which is basically the royal Palace and get some tapas! The tour de France was on so Rhys was fairly distracted all day, everywhere that we could find wifi he was checking out the updates. We found a tapas bar that was playing it on tv so we went in grabbed a couple drinks, got some free tapas (which they do here a lot guys its great!) and because all our drinks were to cheap to buy on our bank card … we bought heaps more! We had these mussels with a diced vegetable salsa in them, so simple, SO DELICIOUS!

Then we went for a walk around, built up an appetite and went on the hunt for some more yummy tapas! We came across this huge market that had stall after stall of tapas, snacks and beverages… We had to try! The first few tapas we got were fantastic! this place was buzzing with people! You had to be pretty pushy to get served! We got a couple at the end though that eft a bad taste in my mouth … so I was a little disappointed that it had to end on that note, but otherwise FANTASTIC food!

Tomorrow we leave for our Iberian Adventure with busabout so we went home to rest up … (in afterthought a brilliant idea because we didn’t sleep much for the next 7 days haha)