Iberian Adventure – Day Fifteen

Catch up time!

So for the last week I have been on a busabout tour around Spain and Portugal! Rhys and I were fairly apprehensive to begin. We didn’t know what it would be like touring with other people and what the activities would be. After doing the tour I am so thankful we did it! I would recommend it to anyone! If anti-social people like Rhys and I loved it, then anyone will! haha! We had an absolute ball! The group we were with were a bunch of the coolest people you could ever meet!
This was a trip for me to really relax and just have fun so I didn’t carry my camera around too much so 90% of the photos you will see in the posts about this tour will be taken on my phone! A much better way to take pics than carrying my beast of a camera around!
Day One
Madrid to Seville
So we started the day by meeting at Mad Hostel in Madrid bright and early to get the bus, we got on our coach, met our lovely tour guide Amy and our bus driver Jay and after our first service stop, were we had a potato tortilla, we got to meet the rest of our tour mates with a quick round of “speed dating”.
We visited an amazing town called Cordoba on the way. The main attraction there was the Mosque which actually had a cathedral built inside! It was a pretty incredible thing to see. I don’t really have many pics of the cathedral inside because I didn’t have a lens wide enough to see the full effect. I recommend you see it once in your life, it was really cool!
Soon we arrived in Seville we stayed at “Oasis backpackers” which was in a pretty central location. We had a walking tour that took us around to see what the city is like which was pretty cool!
After a quick rest back at the hostel we headed to the rooftop were as the sun set we drank beers and had paella! It was pretty surreal and very amazing! I have decided I need more roof top paella parties in my life! haha
We went for cheap beers and tapas down the road in a really cool little bar
Then we went back to the rooftop for mingling with our tour mates, making friends with the plants (long and slightly drunken story) and a bit of dancing. Early night for Rhys and I since we are losers but a few others went for a pub crawl till all hours of the morning. We felt a lot better than them in the morning though so no regrets haha