Iberian Adventure – Day Sixteen

Day Two
Seville to Lagos
Today we headed to Lagos in Portugal. In the morning before Rhys and I went into Seville for a bit of exploring, we managed to find the cathedral and a burger king and that was about it, so we are continuing our reputations of being the idiots abroad … woo!
I will be honest todays bus ride was a little hazy, the affects of drinking too much alcohol are already taking effect haha! I know we had a few service stops along the way and I ate a butt load of sunflower seeds and pistachios, cause thats what you do in Spain haha, but I mostly just remember arriving in Portugal and being very excited.
We were staying in what they call the “Granny flats” and if I heard right I think the guide said they are actually grannies homes that they rent out for the summer. It felt really homely and our flat had a pool and was very close to all the bars that we knew we would be too drunk to walk too far from haha!
We went for some snacks and wine as soon as we got there and we hung out with our flat buddies by the pool had a few laughs until we needed to get dressed and head out for our dinner which was at a really cute little restaurant that did steak and salmon pretty well!
We went back to our place for a few more drinks until we needed to meet the rest of the gang for the start of our pub crawl! The first bars specialty was “Beer Bongs” and “The 9 deadly sins” which is nine shots of whatever horrible mixtures of shots you can think of and you compete for the shortest time. Obviously not my thing. I had a couple yummy cocktails and watched quite a few of my tour mates dare to do the 9 shots urghhh hahaha. Our tour guide holds the record having once done it in something crazy like 11 seconds hahaha.
We headed to the next bar where the new challenge was to become one of the “Bomb Squad”. To do this you needed to shoot 7 or 8 Jager bombs and again you can compete for shortest time. Our tour guide again was smashing all the times haha insane!  The craziest thing is all the people who did the 9 deadly sins also competed in the Bomb squad challenge, so as you can imagine they were not feeling great the next day!
The next bar was all about the giant fish bowl drinks. This place got really messy! There were fish bowls smashing everywhere, people on the ground, there was dancing and laughs and more and more booze pouring. By now it was about 3am so Rhys and I decided we should head back because our plan for the next morning included beach chill outs and amazing food so we wanted a good rest. Everyone else went to bed either at the same time as us or at about 6am … Crazy kids!
Amazing start to our Lagos stay! Loving Portugal!!!