Nice – Day Twenty Seven

4th August

I have skipped a day because not much happened. Summary: A really long train ride and settling into our hostel in Nice. St Exupery Gardens. Our room is very basic, but we have our own bathroom and Rhys is excited about having bunk beds, so it will do hahaha!  We had dinner at the hostel, and it was amazing, just a simple pizza but exactly what we needed!

Today though we have a spa package booked through the hostel, they arranged it for us, gave us the address and sent us on our way to both get massages. Beforehand we headed into the city to get some lunch. We found ourselves drawn to the beach and boy is it pretty! I must say probably one of the best looking beaches I have seen!

We find a nice little restaurant on the waterfront. I ordered a nice homely Carbonara and Rhys got the peppercorn steak! It was fantastic!

Seeing the water made Rhys want to swim. Our massages were booked separately so Rhys decided I should get my massage first and then he would head back to the hostel and get our bathers, come back down for his massage and then we would head off together for a swim. Rhys left to go back to the hostel at 3:00, his massage was at 4:45 when mine ended. The massage was pretty good. Full body and nice to just relax the muscles

When my massage ended there was no sign of Rhys. I tried calling him on  a pay phone using my bank card with no success. I walked around looking for him and started to worry … I went back to the spa to tell them not to worry about his massage because it was 5:30 and he clearly wasn’t coming! Then the spa was asking for payment. They had no agreement with the hostel and had never heard of them … what a nightmare!!! So not only have I lost Rhys and I am panicking! But I have paid for two massages in full through the hostel, and the spa wants me to pay again!! I get them to call the hostel and as they are doing so Rhys shows up! Thank god!! We find out in the end the hostel made the appointment through the wrong spa! … So with about 20 mins of mucking around the hostel agrees to come and pay the bill and we can leave. I felt terrible for the people at the spa but they were very understanding! I was pretty mad at the hostel at this stage though. The spa offered Rhys his massage since we have paid for it .. but at this stage Rhys just wanted to forget it all! So we didn’t bother.

After asking Rhys were he managed to disappear to for so long, I find out he has been walking around in 30 – 40 degree heat, completely lost in the hills of Nice and he actually walked back from the top of Nice hills into the city center …. Poor guy! Quite a trek. The poor thing followed the map that was given by the hostel and it got him in circles!!

We decided to put the stress behind us, headed to the beach again to watch other people enjoy the water and then we headed into Old Town to check out all the restaurants and markets. It was fantastic! So many places to eat, drink and shop!! Rhys was so tired after walking in the sun all day, so we decided to head back at about 8.30.

When we got to the hostel the people that worked there were very apologetic for the mix up and paid for our dinner because they wanted to make up for all the fuss. We got the pizza again and the chicken salad. The food was great again and we really appreciated the offer! It was just a crazy mix up and the hostel did the best they could to fix it all up 🙂

I later checked my bank account to make sure my card wasn’t charged  for the 2 unsuccessful calls to Rhys’s phone … I was charged alright … 30 euro … bad day, but for now we are going to forget it ever happened! hahaha! We really are the idiots abroad … still! Don’t worry we are making a list of all the stupid things we manage to do for you all to avoid haha

Tomorrow Milan for a one night stop over and chill in the hotel since sleeping in Nice was so difficult, bunk beds suck! haha