Day Twenty-Eight

5th August

We originally weren’t going to stop in Milan we were going to go straight through to Bologna, but the choice was a 24 hour train ride or a 6 hour train ride, stop in Milan for a night and then a much shorter train ride the next day … Hmmm hard choice, Milan please!

We had a quick stop at Ventimiglia station, which was our first stop in Italy. So getting used to the culture change is always an experience. It seems like the people always yell at each other here to communicate! Hahaha for lunch we grabbed a manhattan pizza, which was basically just a tomato base with french fries chucked on, and an egg cooked on top! Pretty good! It didnt take long and soon we were in Milan.

We decided not to go into the city and just use the hotel facilities and hang out there for the night since we had an early start and another train ride the next day.

This hotel was pretty amazing! (Enterpise Hotel) They had a spa on the top floor, which was unfortunately being renovated so we missed out, but they had a fitness room and a really fantastic restaurant so we were pleased! When we got to reception the lady told us as part of the package the mini bar was inclusive and breakfast. This through Rhys for a loop. We went to the room and he stared at the mini bar for about an hour wanting to raid it but scared if the reception was wrong! haha

A cleaner came into the room to put a can of Coke into the fridge, Rhys took this opportunity to question if the mini bar was free … she said yes but Rhys still wasnt satisfied, he spent another hour watching tv and asking me my thoughts on the mini bar … I really didn’t care! haha

Then there was another ring of our door bell and a guy came in to check something in the room. Weird! This is the first hotel I have been to where people came into the room to do things and we have had two within an hour haha this guy took a table out of our room and put it in the hallway … even stranger haha Rhys again thought this a great opportunity to question the mini bar, since two people telling him it was free was clearly not enough! This guy actually had a chuckle and said definitely not! haha Poor Rhys … he was even more confused now! I told him to leave the mini bar alone and we went down to get dinner at “Sophia’s restaurant” which was a stunning little restaurant in the the courtyard of the hotel! There was fabric draped from above you and cane lanterns it was very cute!

When we sat down we were given a free glass of champagne and some breads! It’ not often you get free things before you pay for something first! We ordered our wine and meals and they brought out this beautiful appetiser of prosciutto and fig! Yummmy! and so cute! We ordered the seafood bruschetta as a shared entree which was pretty tasty and for our mains, I ordered their spaghetti and Rhys ordered the lamb with pistachio crust and breadcrumbed eggplant. Both meals were fantastic! My spagetti was cooked perfectly and the sauce was great, I do prefer my mums, of course! But it was still very delicious! Rhys’s meal seemed to go down a treat because nothing was left on the plate and then he finished mine off too! haha

I was so full I could burst! This is how you put on weight while travelling, I blame Italy! haha the food is too good! Rhys decided he MUST have the homemade ice-cream, but that was all for him because I couldn’t possibly eat another thing! He loved it

After we decided to go to the fitness room, since thats the sensible thing to do.. pfff! But really we were just having a laugh because after a bottle of wine, gym equipment becomes impossible! haha I was running on the treadmill on the slowest mode and practicing my slow motion running. Passionately slow running with my eyes closed like I was in an olympic slow moment haha Then I hear Rhys laughing and it turns out while I was running in slow motion, having a great time, one of the hotel attendants came in saw me doing my thing made a strange face and walked out haha! I think all of the hotel staff are spying on us! haha

After humiliating my self enough we headed to our room for some MTV and sleeeep! Tomorrow Bologna! Woo! Bolognese time!