Day Twenty-Nine

6th August

We caught a cab in the morning to Milan station, we hopped on our train and the train itself was fantastic! I want to thank Jade for that because she messaged me to say she hopes I get the best train yet, and we did! haha

Only a quick ride though and by midday we were in Bologna, our hotel was a lot better than expected! Again it had a fitness room for Rhys, a “Solarium Jacuzzi” on the rooftop and a retaurant. Rhys feels a little bit ripped off though because we spent 10 mins walking around the roof top looking for the “solarium” so Rhys can try get a tan, but I had to point out to Rhys that is was the “Solarium Jacuzzi” they aren’t two separate things, its just a spa in the sun ahahha

We checked in a little early and our room wasnt ready but the guy at reception just upgraded our room to a junior suite which was a nice bonus

After settling in we went for a stroll into the city. It was a bit of a trek, beautiful buildings, but I have never seen so much graffiti in one city. There seems to be no pride in it which is sad! When we reached the main part of town it was pretty incredible, like stepping back in time but everything still seemed a bit sad, a bit grey. In saying this we arrived on a Saturday and not much seemed to be open. We tried to get lunch at about 3 and nothing was open except McDonalds. Italy seems to have a very similar set up to Spain with most things being closed in the afternoon to avoid the heat.


I found a Vodafone retailer and organised a sim card today but it turns out my phone is locked even locked against my own network haha so I may have to buy a cheap crappy phone now. I will get a phone soon family! haha

The shops that were open were pretty cool.  bought a cute little dress, we looked into some of the more expensive boutiques like Lacoste, which was pretty cool to see. We found these really cool statues around and some amazing dog friendly cafes with fake turf inside! Wish they had these in Perth! Rhys went to the shop to buy some chocolate and was very disappointed to see in Italy they only sell mini bags of peanut M&Ms haha I bought twisties that are called “Fonzies” here haha.We  walked around for quite a while and saw most of the main tourist attractions and then we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready to go out for dinner and possibly come back into the city.

After getting changed we realised we were too lazy to walk into the city and we thought it might be good to go to the hotel restaurant, and afterhow good last nights meal was we thought we couldnt go wong … buuhh booowww haha you can go pretty wrong! We were the only people in the restaurant apart from one other family. Which was unsettling but we didn’t care. We sat down ordered our wines and meals. The wine came and it was delicious! Good start! While drinking our wine we heard one of the other customers complaining about the exact dishes we ordered! He said the seafood spaghetti had bones in it (my order – woo) and the  chicken was too dry and almost inedible (Rhys’s order) haha greatt! We had a good laugh about it though because what are the chances of us ordering the same thing and hearing a terrible review just before we got it!

The entree was great, just melon and ham, cant go wrong, delicious! Then our main meals came out and I honestly think Rhys’ chicken was just decorative .. You couldnt eat it haha it seemed like it was frozen, not defrosted and cooked right away, there was no moisture in it what so ever and it was baked for so long it was like rubber. Rhys really had a good go at trying to get some meat off though haha again we had a good laugh. My meal was basically egg noodles with muscles thrown in. It wasnt terrible, but it wasnt made with love! We could hear the chefs laughing and mucking around in the kitchen. We just thought it was funny, like we were being punished for being lazy and not going into the city haha!

By now we were the only people in the restaurant and the waiters were standing watching waiting to see if we needed anything. Which was awkward, when another family came in we were relieved! We didn’t finish our meals so they knew we weren’t too impressed, but hopefully they will fix up their menu soon.

Tomorrow we are headed to Florence, a place Rhys loved as a kid so hopefully it will be as nice as he remembered.