Rome – Day Two

Day Thirty-Three

Our first day here we caught up with washing and we went to the supermarket to do Rhys’ 100 euro quickie bag so he can pick ingredients for me to cook him meals throughout the week. The fresh produce in Italy is pretty great! You can get quite a lot for 100 euro!
We walked down to St Peters square to have a look at the architecture of St Peters Basilica and get a feel for where the Vatican is for a visit on another day. It was a nice stroll down to see in the afternoon, we hung around the area for a while sat in the Piazza and people watched for a while until we felt hungry enough to head back for me to start cooking.
While cooking there was a knock on the door and the owners of the apartment came round to wish Rhys a happy Birthday and they brought a couple cupcakes, very sweet!
I made Rhys an appetiser of fig with prosciutto and cooked him a nice meal of ‘surf and turf’. Fillet steak with scampi drizzled with a yummy sauce made from the stock of the two served with potatoes and a fresh salad. Quite good if I don’t say so myself!