Rome – Day Three

Day Thirty-Four

After a nice breakfast in the morning and some home made italian coffee, made in a real italian coffee maker, we walked down past the Vatican again and headed to the main part of Rome. As we walked over the bridge there were love locks all over the bridge, which is a custom that originated in Paris from what I have read. People put there names on the lock and attatch them to the bridge as a sign of their lasting love. Very cute!
We found a beautiful cathedral along the way too with amazing paintings and stone work, one of many in Rome, it was very beautiful!
Along the way we stumbled across a hairdresser and Rhys was finally able to find a hair wax that was to his satisfaction! Thankfully! We have spent half the holiday hunting for something suitable haha. We got a bite to eat for a bit of an energy burst to get us through the rest of the walk. The Ravioli was delicious and so was Rhys’ pasta but it was very spicy haha poor Rhys felt like he had almost burnt his lips off! haha
We continued up the street on the hunt for the Trevi fountain, once we found the main streets it was easy enough to find the sights. We headed to the Trevi fountain to make a few wishes and get a couple photos, we got one with Rhys’ hair wax of course! haha
After walking through the main shopping strip and grabbing some roasted chestnuts to snack on mmm we headed back, we decided to walk the whole way to see if it would take long … IT TOOK FOREVER! haha!
That night we were going to go to a Lazio vs Sociedad friendly match at the stadium olimpico, but when we got there they weren’t selling tickets at the door and the ticket office over the bridge was closed, what a trek for nothing! Poor Rhys… I think he was pretty excited about catching a game! 😦 We went home and watched it on TV … not really the same! We will catch another game elsewhere though