Rome – Day Four

Day Thirty-Five

In the morning I made some carbonara so that we had full bellies before a big day of exploring. (other pics of food made on other days)
Today we went to explore the Colosseum we bought a Roma Pass which I highly recommend, you get your first two attractions free, free transport and you usually don’t have to queue, so we didn’t have to line up! and at the Colosseum you don’t want to have to line up … we walked straight through, and only because we bought passes at a quite little kiosk across the road. We almost felt guilty haha
Also pictured here is Rhys’ new ‘thing’ he has started taking pics of himself everywhere with his iphone … haha each to their own, I think he doesn’t think I get enough photos of him as it is!
After we caught a bus into the main part of town and then we walked to the Pantheon, which was pretty difficult to find since we are terrible with maps! HAHA We found this little building that kinda looked the same and we took pictures in front, haha it took us about 10 minutes to realise it wasn’t the Pantheon at all haha. With a little more walking we found it and we were excited about getting to use our Roma pass and skipping the queue. Turns out there is no queue and its a free attraction haha! Bonus!
The Pantheon was very cool but I would love to be here on a day where it is raining! I’m sure seeing the rain pour into the building would be a pretty epic thing to witness.
We sat on the steps outside and people watched again for a while, there were so many people around just hanging out chatting, or eating in the square so we were entertained for quite a while.
We saw one of the Gladiator guys out the front who you can pay to get photos with – but he was sitting on his phone texting, haha not very authentic! Although we read in the news that cops have been dressing up as these guys to bust other gladiator wannabes trying to make money doing it near the main attractions, pretty funny!
Rhys and I seem to have hit a wall in our travels were we are very tired most of the time. It’s probably because we know we have six days here, which is the longest duration in a place other than Scotland so we are making the most of being lazy while we can. Getting up from those steps near the Pantheon was a real challenge! We just wanted to go to sleep!
We managed to get some energy together and we headed down to one of the main squares near the metro to have a drink. We don’t like to eat on the square but drinking is great, you can chill with lots to see and listen to! When our drinks arrived so did about 3 plates of complimentary snacks! I love that the Europeans like to balance their alcohol with food. Very sensible and very delicious! haha