Greek Island Hopping – Ios

Days 48 & 49

25th and 26th of August

Island Four Ios

Our last Island on our Greek Island tour. We were very sick most of today due to our last night in Santorini being such a big one, but we persisted and made it to our hotel in Ios without dying haha! Our hotel was the Far Out hotel and Spa, it was on the hill overlooking the beach and we had sea views, so it was pretty decent.

We wasted most of the day sleeping and trying to feel better, with no real success! We met the group in town in the evening for pizzas, I even tried strawberry daquiris and wine to possibly shake the hangover but I just felt worse! The pizza was fantastic and the company was great! I think a few people had drank a lot through the day while we were sleeping so there was a bit of hilarity at the dinner table.

Ios is a huge party island so we were going on a club hop around town that was a total of something like 9 bars. You can imagine how excited we were about this? haha not very! We headed out to the first bar and drinking was too difficult. We werent really in the mood for a big night, the buses finished at midnight and we were told there were about 5 taxis on the whole island so Rhys and I thought we would check out the town, buy some snacks and then try to find one of the few taxis and rest, because we were still struggling! We found a taxi pretty quickly and then we sat up and watched TV for a bit and slept through the night very easily.

The next morning I was feeling very fresh and alive again so we got ready and headed down to get some brunch and then we set ourselves up on some beach chairs for swimming and more sun baking. This was our last chance to go to the beach as far as we know because everywhere else is going to be a lot colder from here on out. It was nice swimming in the water and relaxing. Rhys had so much sunscreen on that while swimming in the water his legs were florescent blue, I was in a fit of hysterics.

In the evening we went for dinner at another little restaurant ordered way too much food and then met the group for a couple of drinks before heading into town again for another club crawl, we thought we would at least try to make it to 3 bars this night, and we managed well. I didn’t drink much though tonight, I know I can still have a good night without drinking.

Rhys and I were separated most of the night as I was with the ladies and he was hanging at the bar with the boys. When we met up later in the evening, he had drank a lot more than me haha and I think he must have been pretty drunk because when we got to a bar called “Slammer’s” he was convinced he had to get involved in their signature drink activity.

At Slammers their specialty is a tequila shot in a tall glass with lemonade, they put a helmet on your head, smack you with the drink on the head to fizz up the lemonade and as you shoot back your drink, they hit you over the head with a random item of choice. Some of their favourites are; Fire extinguishers, hammers, crates or if they feel like it they will just kick you haha. I thought Rhys was kidding when he said he wanted to do it, but I turned around and next thing I knew he had a helmet on and was being smacked over the head with a bar stool! hahaha and not lightly either! Good times! Rhys thought it was great fun and heaps of other people from the tour joined it! I can’t believe this kind of thing is legal!

I have a video of Rhys but I can’t load it on here so if you want to see let me know and I will email you a copy. In the meantime here is a promo video for slammers bar in Ios

We danced for a while and I kept getting bumped and pushed into the walls in the bar and we werent leaving for the next bar anytime soon. We had managed to go to 4 bars already so we thought we would head home. Found a taxi very quickly again and chilled at our hotel and watched terrible TV. We watched some show about murderers on the loose, and one was about a serial killer who hunts for couples in remote places haha great late night viewing! haha By now it was 4am and we had a ferry to catch in the morning so we caught some Zzzzz’s

Tomorrow we are back to Athens which will be a nice change of pace, not having any more alcohol would be great! haha