Greek Island Hopping – Paros

Days 44 & 45
21st and 22nd of August
Island Two Paros
A quick, but very rocky boat ride and we were in Paros. Poor Rhys didn’t really feel well on the boat but once he was on land all was well again! haha We lined up in the taxi queue for a while, since we didn’t know where our accommodation was. When we finally got a driver he asked where we were staying and he had to laugh because our hotel was a 1 minute walk into the town centre. Of course we walked past it a couple of times because it was far too central we didn’t think there was any chance it could be in such a god location. We checked in and it was a very cute homely little hotel, I slept very well here!
We walked around town, checked out the beaches it was a nice little place that reminded me a lot of Kalbarri when I was younger 🙂
We got some lunch at a place that was nice and cheap, so we were happy, but they served me raw chicken nuggets, that I actually bit into! GROSS! This is what happens the one time Rhys and I go somewhere more reasonably priced! No good! haha But don’t worry guys I am still healthy, no salmonella! woo!
We met the group later for some dinner, greek dancing and plate smashing at a cute restaurant attached to a hostel further out of town. Rhys and I had prosciutto and melon, beef fillet with balsamic sauce and a nice tomato pasta. Very yummy! Then we watched the sunset and then I got involved in some greek dancing, Rhys smashed some plates and we had a bit of a laugh.
We got on the bus and headed to a bar for some Shisha and cocktails. Our Shisha was pretty gross, it was ouzo, or liquorice, not nice! They told us it was tropical fruit, but it wasn’t … eww!
[just to clarify for some of my readers who don’t know what Shisha is its a small amount of tobacco with flavoured water, completely legal haha]
Afterwards most of us went back to our hotels and hostels to rest up for the next days boat tour! Nice and and early we met the group in town got on a bus and headed to another port to get on board our boat for the day!
There was alcohol flowing all day and we stopped of at heaps of different places were you coupld jump off the boat into clear waters for a bit of a swim! It was great! Very relaxing, and great fun and I have decided I need more boat fun in my life when I get back to Perth!
We stopped at a little beach were there was a bbq set up for us. While they cooked Rhys and I had a swim at the beach and then they rang the bell to let us know food was ready they cooked up some octopus and there was ouzo to go with it was fantasic! So fresh! Then they made us a yummy greek salad, grilled bread, tzatziki, dolmades and souvlaki. Awesome feed!
Soon we were back sailing out and we stopped at this amazing location, the water was clearer and bluer than any water I have seen before. It looked a little wavy but Rhys and I felt we needed to get into the water! We jumped in and floated around, loving it! I looked over at most of the tour group who were in the water also and saw that the current had taken them really far away. Knowing my swimming strength I decided I would swim close to the boat to be safe, I looked back and I was miles away too hahaha! I must say my instinct was to panic but with a bit of effort I was back to the boat in no time. Others were so far away and they had to use the blow up beds and work together to get back, it looked pretty difficult! I’m glad I swam back when I did!
Everyone was safe on the boat and we headed to the next swim spot it was a pretty rough and funny ride through the ocean, we were getting splashed left right and center! It was pretty fun! I didn’t want the day to end we had a blast! A little boozey and we had to much sun but it was an awesome time! I wish they did this sort of thing in Perth!
After a nap and a shower we met the group at Nick’s burgers for “The best burgers in town” the guy has basically looked at a Burger King menu and a Maccas menu and copied the recipes as best he could, he even used the original Mcdonalds pics on his menu hahaha so funny! I got the cheese burger and Rhys got Nick’s version of the Big Mac. Nick makes everything himself, so it was a bit of a wait, but well worth it! Rhys’ burger was even better than a big mac and mine was pretty damn awesome! Loved it!
After we headed to the Shisha bar again for a few cocktails and then we walked to the next bar. On the way we saw tv’s at bars playing a Man U game, so we had to leave the group. Rhys and I got a couple of drinks and watched the game. A little tired from all the sun and booze earlier in the day and I had major sea legs because my body still thought we were on the boat haha, we headed back early for a nice rest ready for Santorini!! We had a really good night though, and really want another of Nick’s burgers!
Can’t wait for Santorini!!