Day 54

31st August

We are off to Innsbruck today! Woohoo! I am getting a cold though, and Rhys is just getting over one so a day of rest on a train is probably a good idea! Our train was set to leave at about 1:00pm so we thought we would get a bit of gift shopping done in the morning and get some pizza slices from our favourite place again hehe! We had to wait about an hour for the pizza since we were there too early but we got a few gifts in the meantime and then we went back to find our favourite flavour sitting waiting for us! Woo! It wa probably too fresh since it was that hot all the topping was sliding off but it was still delicious!!

We caught the ferry back to the train station, found our train there nice and early and we set ourselves up ready for our 4-5 hour train ride. The train was awesome! We usually get pretty crappy ones but this train was very cool! The scenery on the way was amazing!! beautiful hills and valleys, the alps and greenery everywhere! I was struggling to keep my eyes open because I was so tired but I didn’t want to miss the view!

Innsbruck is stunning! I recommend people come here! When we got off the train to walk to our hotel we couldnt get over how pretty the place was! When you walk into old town it’s so pretty it could be a movie set! cobblestones, and beautifully ornate buildings, lamp posts and music. I love it here! Our hotel was accross the water so as we walked across the bridge all you can see is a full panoramic view of the Alps! AMAZING!

We got to our hotel in the evening, we had to cart our luggage up 3 flights of stairs which was awesome! haha and we settled in … I was suprised to see single beds since I asked for a double but oh well 🙂 We went down a level to see if we could get some wifi and Rhys was pretty desperate to see if he could download the Manchester vs Arsenal Game since it was such an epic result. He started to download the game and we saw our internet was running at 1mb per second! Rhys couldn’t contain his excitement! haha. Thats at least 5x faster than my internet at home. He talked about the internet for about 3 hours which was greaaat! My cold was getting worse today, so we decided to just go get some dinner and then head back and chill with the wifi. I got myself a yummy lentil soup and a beer, because the beer is yummy in Austria and Rhys got a …. YOU GUESSED IT … DIAVOLA PIZZA!

We had a look around the town for a bit … this place is beauuuutttiful! They have a shop that sells Christmas decorations year round I mean come on! Thats freaking great!

We went back for some more incredible wifi and so I could rest and get rid of this cold 🙂 Tomorrow we will go to the Alpine Zoo and see if we can check out the ski stadium