Innsbruck – Day Two

Day 55

1st of September

Woke up choked with the cold this morning! First priority was cold and flu tablets and food! We found a pharmacy pretty easily and I managed to get myself some medication and a “Wick” or vicks stick! MY SAVIOUR!

We went to a strange 3 level cafe and ordered some Austrian food since last night we ended up getting Italian food haha! I got pork in a yummy pepper cream sauce with pasta and Rhys ordered steak in some kind of Argentinian Sauce with corn on the cob, I don’t think he gets that we are in Austria haha oh well! I am sure he will try their cuisine soon 🙂

After taking a couple cold and flu tablets we went back to the hotel to get super rugged up to head into the alp to go to the zoo since for the first time in about a month I felt cold! and it was RAINING! YAY!

I got a couple jumpers on and we decided to walk up to the zoo … mistake number one! haha We didn’t really take the title “Alpine Zoo” seriously I guess it also turns out we didn’t need jumpers at all really! haha It was  a real trek but I am sure it was good for my cold, even if I couldn’t breath properly. The zoo was cool, but the whole thing was uphill too so it was just more exercise which I don’t really enjoy to be honest!

I got to see my first Moose though and I also got to see a brown bear! So it was a good day! I just wish I hadn’t felt so sick! We soon realised that seeing the stadium might not be on the books with me being so crook so we went toward the cable car to get one down into the city instead of walking after our zoo trip.

When we got to the cable car I thought it might be cool to go up to the top, even if I wasn’t well it would be worth it just for the photos 🙂 We got a ticket and went up, we thought it would take us all the way up but it went up one stop, we stayed on hoping to go higher and it just went back down again, so we got on another car to go up and realized that to go higher its another car and another 40 euro .. pff no way! haha We managed to get high enough to get some really pretty photos though! The view ma magnificent and it felt really nice to be up there with the clean crisp air!

We ordered some apple strudel cos thats what you do when in Austria, Rhys got a white hot chocolate and I go some yummy Chai Tea!

Then I got bored and took silly pics of Rhys while he pulled faces haha

We went back into the main part of town and checked out some shops before going back to the hotel for a rest. For dinner we went to a beer hall and finally had some real Austrian Cusine. This place was insane, there were about 4 different halls, filled with people and a huge outdoor area. It was pretty busy! Rhys ordered the wiener with bread and mustard and was a bit disappointed when it turned out he got exactly what he ordered hahaha! and he also ordered the pork snitzel. I played it safe and got the beef soup with cheese dumpling and a beer pretzel! yummy

Rhys got some icecream and then we went back to the hotel so I could die after a long day walking around with this stupid cold haha!  Tomorrow VIENNA!