Days 56 and 57

2nd and 3rd of September

Today I woke up feeling a million times better! We had to leave the beautiful innsbruck! Look how pretty it is! Why would you want to leave this!

I realise that Rhys and I spend too much money on food so I thought for a bit of fun we would make a food challenge for the day

The challenge

  • You each get 20 euro
  • With this 20 euro you need to feed yourself for the day, as many meals as you like minimum 2 (you cant starve yourself to win haha)
  • You can increase your funds if you want by gambling or whatever you want to do with the money but you must have enough for your minimum 2 meals
  • The person with the most money left over wins

HAHA this is tougher than you think. For me this was great fun! We had a free breakfast at the hotel so this was a good start!

I went to the shop bought a pack of 10 rolls, a pack of cheese slices, a pack of ham and a big bottle of orange juice and a bottle of water for 4.50 euro I then charged Rhys 2 euro to half with me and I shared my lunch so I had 17.50 euro for dinner. Rhys was very impressed because the rolls were delicious haha! Rhys bought himself a redbull and water so he was already down on me with 16 euro for dinner.

The train ride was great, I started reading the secret again because I started reading it a while ago and I had to stop because I didn’t know what I wanted haha! I know the things I want more clearly now so I began reading on the train. I spent a lot of time writing my thoughts and the things I want to accomplish when I get home. Still not completely clear, but a lot clearer than they were before I left so I am feeling pretty good at the moment!

We got to Vienna and walked to our hotel, this city is weird. The people look strange and I get a funny feeling about this place. It is a very quirky city by the looks of it. They are very into their art and music, there is a lot of underground darker looking art here too. It’s cool, but I don’t feel as safe walking here at night for some reason, because it seems so shady haha. It’s probably beautiful and its all in my head. Rhys and I decided to go get some food, but Rhys laid on the bed miserable (pictured above) that he only had 15 euro because he wanted to spend it all on chocolate and coca-cola hahaha he was only kidding but he loves his sweet things!

We still had to go get dinner, with the small amount of money we had left. We walked toward the city looking for a place that had the soccer on, hoping to find the English games but there was only Germany vs Austria which is a big rivalry here so we stopped at a cute little bar to eat and watch the game. The guy who served us was fantastic! Really nice guy! I ordered a coke and a wine! Wooo … and for my main I ordered a prawn salad and with this I was 2 euro under my 20 euro budget ….

Rhys …. Well he wasnt so smart

He ordered a coke and his main was grilled calamari and potatoes… he would have been 25c under his budget but he drank his coke too fast and ordered another one! and then when he finished his meal he caved and ordered the chocolate souffle!!! haha so he spent 8 euro over his budget! tsk tsk! So i won! Naturally I plan on trying to keep being a cheap feed for the rest of the trip because it will be nice for us to both have some savings when we get back

The next day we didn’t do much! We had intended to find the city and just cruise through the day, we found the markets which go on for miles. At the beginning of the market it was just a bunch of peoples junk that I can’t imagine anyone would want except for weird junk art, the next part of the market was food stuff which was cool to see but it was so hectic I felt like I was in Morocco again!

We just kept walking and walking and before we knew it we were miles away from the hotel, hot and bothered and just wanted to get in the aircon haha

We sat in the park and watched all the people dressed up for the Vienna anime convention run around and have fun and then we went back to the hotel, watched some episodes of Jersey Shore … I know the shame of it 😉 haha and then we went out for some dinner at a cool international fusion restaurant.

By the way, I am not sure the Secret book is serving me well! During the day my cold got worse, I stepped in dog poop and I almost got run over by a man on a bike … ummm no fair universe! haha it was pretty funny though! I think the universe has a lot of laughs of Rhys and my behalf hahaha

Tomorrow, another day in Vienna. Maybe we will accomplish more than we did today, maybe not haha!

It’s fathers Day tomorrow so I get to call dad and speak to them, it’s been too long I miss my family heaps!!