Vienna part 2

Day 58

4th of September

Still in Vienna, haven’t really been enjoying it so far but we thought we would venture out and try to find the nicer parts because I am sure there are many we just haven’t seen yet.
Our plans:
  • Go to the Palace,
  • The very famous coffee place in the center of town
  • and at night we would go to their theme park that’s open till midnight.
We didn’t even leave the hotel till 4.00 in the afternoon because I wanted to call my dad for fathers Day, our phone didn’t have any network for a little while, and I wanted to catch up on my blog. Luckily I had a pretty large supply of pretzels to get me through the morning no problem!
When we had gotten our act together and were ready to leave the hotel we headed to the Palace first and had lunch in the Palace cafe which was spaghetti, out of a frozen pack! Woo … pretty good though so I aint’ gonna complain!
Then we discovered the palace was closed we were that late in the afternoon, so we went to the Palace Gardens and explored for a few hours.
The gardens were very beautiful. I found squirrels so I was pretty entertained! Rhys wanted to make the trek up a huge hill to see the Palace from a high view point. Of course I complained about this and grabbed onto the back of his belt in the hope he would drag me up! haha he did for a bit until we realised how stupid we looked hahahaha
When we got to the top there was another monument which was impressive to look at too! We sat on the grass for a while watching all the people go by.
Next step find our way back to the metro so we can get to this coffee place … do you think we were anywhere near a metro haha no way, after meandering our way through a garden for a few hours we managed to find ourselves very far away. I decided carrying the map was too hard haha so I found another solution.
This sign was a bit concerning … the picture looks like the little girl is trying to get away from a man haha and if you read the top it looks like a dyslexic sign for pedophileabrucke haha dodgy!
Another very long walk in the right direction thanks to my flukish sense of direction we got to the train but by now it was about 8 so we thought we would skip the coffee and go straight to the theme park for dinner and a couple rides.
The Vienna theme park is a bit like Disneyland crossed with the Royal show haha. Same feral kids running around but with cooler rides. There was another Madame Toussaudes here too! We went to a 5D Vampire movie thing, which was a bit lame, got some dinner of cheeseburgers and fries and then we went on the ferris wheel. I chose my outfit poorly today since I was wearing a dress and I don’t think the 10 year old kids running around need to see my skirt flying up so we skipped the bigger rides.
Just watching them was hilarious! Some just seemed crazy! Top spin with the added extra of water being high pressure sprayed into your face so you can’t breath ahha the gravitron but the game is to dance in the middle like its a nightclub haha! Great fun to watch!
We hung out here for a while until it was quite late and we thought we should get some sleep since its another train day tomorrow, off to Prague! Should be good!
See you there!