Day 60

5th of September

Train day! Today we are headed to the Czech Republic, destination Prague. I have heard good things but as we crossed the border into Breclav station for a quick stop over, we worried about what we had got ourselves into! We went to get a bite to eat and there was only 1 little food shop inside the station, we found a couple pizza breads and a drink each went to the counter with our euros in hand … Not knowing the currency has changed here … and instead of the lady being clear and pointing out that she didn’t take euros and that there was a currency change place across the road that you could easily see and point to she just yelled the same thing over the counter to us in her language, getting angrier and angrier as she went … hahaha we said “sorry English” I think that angered her more … Clearly this lady hates her life and hates her job haha … I figured out on my own to change the money came back and just smiled at her, because I just felt sad that she has put herself in such a crap place. She obviously hates dealing with tourists and has no idea how to communicate with them but she chose to work at a train station on the border of 2 countries, smart job choice lady!
After that experience, looking round everyone seemed pretty sad looking, it was obviously a small town that we were in but we hoped the whole of Czech Republic wasn’t this severe!
When we got to Prague I was already happy because it was RAINING! I could smell the rain on the roads and everyone was rugged up in their rainy day clothes … it was amazing! We caught the metro to what we thought was the closest station to our hotel and walked for miles, realising there were actually 2 stations closer haha! But the walk in the rain was appreciated, by me, and we got to our hotel safely.
When we walked in we had a hugely warming welcome from the owner here I think her name was Kristina. She was amazing! Welcomed us in sat us down with a jug of tea each and gave us the wifi passwords first thing. This lady knows the way to our heart haha.
She obviously takes a lot of pride in her apartments and her city because she was a lot like our Roma Guest House owner, Gillian. She went through with us on the map all the best things to do and gave us a good idea of what we can do while staying here for 3 days! It was perfect exactly what we needed! She made me feel very happy to be in Prague and very happy we chose to stay at Aparthotel.
She said she could tell we were Australians because we were so relaxed and not rushing around like other people. As she went to take us to our room, she stopped darted off and came back with a different set of keys, she said that we were nice people and deserved a free upgrade! How lovely is that!! We now have a very spacious apartment with a kitchen and living space, which gives us a feeling of home. What an amazing start to our stay in Prague! so happy!
After settling in we decided to head to the Mall up the road. We realised while walking we are really in the thick of it, right in the center of town! Pubs everywhere, a McDonalds close by, cinemas … some in english and everything we could need around the corner! This just keeps getting better! We head into the Mall and Rhys is excited straight away, 3 levels of shops for him to enjoy and a 2 level Teskos, which we were excited about until we went in! How depressing is that place! How can you be inspired to create nice food in a place like that! It’s like Coles but a Coles where none of the staff care at all. It’s so big but always messy and always understocked! We tried to find chicken fillets and you can only buy a whole chicken, or bits of the gross stuff mixed in its own fluids in a bag. This place had live fish in a tiny tank fighting for room, and its dead brothers in ice next to it. When you see a shop of this scale it really hits home the amount of waste in this world and the amount of animals that are killed for our eating enjoyment! It upset me! Now don’t get me wrong I am not turning into a vegetarian but I just think that places like that, who don’t seem to have any respect or care for their produce shouldn’t be making so much profit. Urgh! Not nice!
We headed back with our food and I made Rhys a steak with pasta and grilled corn on the cob. The corn was obviously the best bit! I wasn’t keen on eating steak after being in Teskos. We chilled and caught up with our internet stuff, facebook, blogging and ebay for me and youtube videos of the AFL and Chris Judd for Rhys haha and then we went to bed ready for a huge day of exploration tomorrow, since our hotel owner says we have a lot to do! and I wouldnt want to disappoint her, not after getting a free upgrade hehe!