Prague day two

Day 61 (this is starting to fly by)

My day begins with a nice early wakeup, blog and breakfast! Good way to start the day! Rhys seemed very peaceful so I left him in bed, by the time I had finished my internet stuff we both got ready to go out and before we knew it it was about 12 in the afternoon. When we went downstairs we crept down quietly because we knew if we bumped into the hotel owner she would tell us we slept in too long and we are missing out on Prague haha. We managed to sneak past, got outside and then we heard the door open behind us. There she was, hands on hip saying it was the most beautiful day of the week in Prague and we have missed half of it! HAHAHA hillarious! I felt like a naughty kid again!

First thing we went to the post office to get a couple large boxes to mail back home to lighten our bags because they are getting harder to pack everyday! The post offices are very different here! They don’t have the boxes there for you to chose from easily. We got directed into some creepy secret room where you are divided from the postage officer by what looks like bullet-proof glass and a metal cabinet and you speak to her on a phone as if you are visiting someone in prison haha. Weird! We got our boxes anyways, a size smaller than we wanted so I will need to buy another tomorrow but at least we can offload some of our stuff πŸ™‚

Next was to go to Kristina’s favourite place in Prague which is the Vysehrad believed to be the first castle in settlement of Prague and the beginning of the city. Kristina says it is very peaceful up there and a must see. It was a bit of an uphill trek but it was a peaceful place to be. The graveyard for all the famous composers and leaders was up there too so we had a bit of a wander. We couldnt actually find a “castle” as such but there was an amazing gothic church and pretty gardens.

We managed to find a good restaurant too, of course haha! I had to try some traditional Czech food so I got the duck and Rhys ordered the Argentine steak. The food was great! But as if duck wasn’t filling enough mine came with bread dumplings that were a meal on their own! I was so full! But of course we needed to order dessert. We got the Creme Brulee! Oh my!! SO delicious!!!!

After we were full of food we headed back down the hill toward the tram line to get to old town. There are many monuments in old town and it is one of the main things to see in Prague. We stopped near the boulevard on the tram and walked down. There are many shops and casinos everywhere you look! Rhys and I thought today we would both get haircuts since we are starting to look a little homeless! Me especially haha! Do you think you could find a hairdresser when you need one!? No way. We see them on every corner everywhere else haha

Just looking through the shops was nice though! We found an amazing puppet shop that I know my mum would have loved but I wasn’t allowed to take photos πŸ™‚ I would have loved to buy one but how could you choose? They were all amazing! The square in the center of Prague was very impressive! You didn’t know where to look there were so many beautiful buildings and statues!

We stopped for a couple cocktails at the hard rock cafe, walked around for a while longer then we went to a casino where Rhys wasted some money on the roulette and then we got a bit of pizza and headed to the metro to go to the mall to get a haircut since we knew thats where the hairdressers were easily found. We got a haircut each which is very difficult if you don’t speak Czech haha! The hairdresser cut too much of my hair off and layered it … urgh so I will get something else done when I get to London or Scotland πŸ™‚ Keep your eyes peeled for a possible new look.

The plan was to go to a movie but we decided to just grab a quick dinner and then pack our boxes to mail off tomorrow πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we will be going to the “biggest castle in the world” according to wikipedia … woo! So see you tomorrow for pics πŸ™‚