Day 52

29th August

So today was … interesting! we had another 5am wakeup to get to the airport, which Rhys loved! He checked the itinerary about 3 times to make sure it was the right day to be awake this early, just so we didn’t have a repeat of earlier events haha! Got dressed packed and ready. We thought we would take the metro to save a few dollars since we want to recoup some of our losses from an expensive meal last night haha!

The ticket machine wouldnt take our money so we tried to get a ticket from the booth, the lady was taking her sweet time, and some old woman kept pushing in front of us to keep asking questions. By the time we get our tickets we ended up missing our train by about 1min, but thats OK we got the next one. We got on our train and arrived at the station to change lines, but we had missed another one because of our timing on the first train and we had a 6 min wait … still plenty of time to get to the airport. *Breath*

When our next train arrived, Rhys and I were relieved. The train should go straight through and we will have just enough time to check in and get this flight (We only had a half our time slot to check in) Out of nowhere the train stops and we have to get off and get another one. Another 10 minute wait. Now I am starting to think we might not make it. When we got on the new train it kept driving slowly and stopping for a few minutes in between stations. By now we were nowhere near the airport, check in had opened and we had about 20 minutes to get checked in and head to the plane.

I had pretty much come to realise we wouldn’t get the flight … urghh to negative thoughts, but I wanted to have a plan if we missed the flight because this was the cheapest flight I could find and it was over $250 each, I didn’t want to have to fork out more money. Isnt it ironic that you catch public transport to save money, but it could cost you more? haha

The train arrived with less than 10 mins to spare. We raced to the aiport. I typed in my details on the machine and got our boarding passes like a pro (Rhys was pretty impressed) and got to the counter about a minute before the cut off … the lady said we needed to hurry to get to our gates so we ran there too and made it in enough time that we even had to wait in line … WOOO for lines!!! We are getting better at this travel business! HAHA We win this time! As you can imagine I was very happy to be on that plane!

Agean airlines are 100x better than easy jet, we got breakfast! Hell yes! In our cutlery pack there was a sachet of salt, Rhys took this as an indicator that his scrambed egg breakfast needed this full sachet to make it tasty, before even trying the eggs … haha you can imagine how bad this would make his food, but it made me laugh for about 10 minutes which got rid of any stress I had from earlier in the day! He is too funny.

We got to Venice nice and early in the morning and we had plenty of time to make our way to the hotel, we got tickets for the water bus, which is basically a metro on water! Awesome! and we headed to the closest station and had a casual stroll to our hotel. We were very early so we left our bags in reception and went for a wonder. This place is beautiful! I have been told its depressing, its sinking and the people are miserable, but this isn’t the experience I had. I love it here! The sound of water lapping against the walls is very soothing and all of the chipped paintwork and discoloured buildings gives it a kind of Disney charm to it … haha in my perspective anyways.

On out travels we found a huge stack of IKEA catalogues … OH MY! MUST HAVE ONE!! While I was doing the right thing finding the guy delivering them and asking if I could please have one … unknown to me Rhys was being sneaky and taking one off the guys trolley haha so we both ran up to each other excited that we got one hahaha … We are idiots! haha then we went back to the hotel to take our bags up, relax, read our catalogues and then get ready to explore more. The room was basic, but very cute with all the ornate furniture and it had everything we needed, including a fridge for Rhys to keep up his coke (coca-cola) habit …  The boy cant start his day without a coca-cola and a redbull … tsk tsk!

We went out to explore more of Venice, we walked over the bridge looked at the buildings and got a feel for the area, really we were just scoping out our next place to eat! haha

We soon got hungry, surprise! we found a really pretty little place with stone walls lit well with candles everywhere and they had a menu that appealed to us. I ordered the mussels and clams since it was so great in Rome and we ordered scallops and the carpaccio to share. Rhys ordered himself a Diavola which is a pepperoni pizza over here, and according to ‘Rick Steve’s travel guide to Italy” is a huge hit with the kids … haha and Rhys! His new addiction.

After we went for a stroll along the water until late, it’s very pretty here at night. Tomorrow more exploring!