We are getting pretty good at this travel business because we were up at a reasonable hour and packed quicker than ever before, maybe because of how light they are now! We went downstairs said goodbye to Kristina and gave her chocolates for forcing us to see Prague haha and for the room upgrade 🙂 and then we headed along to the metro.

We got to the station, jumped on our train and to our delight we had a cabin! Woo! We have been hoping for one of these the whole trip! Very comfortable! We had a few people without reservations come in though and take the other seats but oh well it was still pretty comfortable 🙂
It was a pretty long train ride but we got to Berlin at about 4 in the afternoon. We got ourselves some food first thing and then we tried to find the metro system. Berlin main train station is like a maze! It is very cool in terms of design but it is completely different to any other station we have been to so we spent a really long time going up and down escalators looking for the metro! Turns out its on the top level, not underground like everywhere else! haha! The map looks very complicated for getting around because they have so many different lines, but it’s actually very simple and we were only 4 stops away from the station, very convenient!
A nice walk and we arrived at our hotel which is … beauuutiful! It’s very modern and unique. You walk into the main area where there is a bar and comfortable lounge seating. I couldn’t find the lobby anywhere. I kept looking for a large desk that is typical in all hotels, not in this hotel, their lobby is a very small wooden table. The receptionist does most of her work on the tables near the bar. Very funky! Loved all the pictures hung around and decoration! We went up to our room and it is also designed really well! They have made such good use of space because on close examination it is probably one of the smaller rooms we have stayed in but it feels the largest. Floor to ceiling mirrors. Fabric dividing room from bathroom and shower and toilet built into space at side of room with a frosted glass door. It sounds strange but it is very cool! Even the stationary and room signage is cleverly written, I have a feeling this was all designed by a young hip designer because there is a bit of humour in everything.
We settled in, I had a little nap and then we went for a stroll to see what was in the area. By now it was quite dark and pouring with rain, which made me pretty happy! I have been feeling pretty homesick today, travel days make it harder to be away from home! I really just felt like some home cooked food, or something non-German haha so we found a cute little Thai place down the road, couldn’t understand the menu AT ALL! But luckily the waitress found us some English menus because for a while there it didn’t look like we were going to get to eat haha!
The food came out and everything was delicious! We had Pad Thai, chicken fried rice, chilli and basil beef and steamed rice! More food than we could possibly need! The flavours reminded me of home though, exactly what I needed! The beef dish was really spicy but Rhys persisted! He got a huge spoonful put it in his mouth and the next 15 minutes were hilarious for me … painful for him or in Rhys’ words “the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced” hahaha. He felt like his mouth was on fire and there were not enough liquids in the building to help him, he couldn’t even talk for 15 minutes. It was really funny. I’m not sure what he thought would happen if he put a huge spoon of spicy food in your mouth but … he has learnt his lesson I am sure!
We headed back to the room, I was really craving to watch a good movie and we had nothing on our computer, so we searched the internet for some tv shows, not much worked. We ended up watching the Bachelorette … which is terrible, but a fantastic laugh … I’m it sure if anyone else has seen it but the guy with the mask gave us an evening of laughter! Oh dear!
Tomorrow we are going to head into the main part of Berlin and see if we can look into some history and experience the fun side of Berlin also 🙂