Train day again! This time heading to Munich. We again tried to figure out the maze of a station in Berlin but soon we found our train! We are going on two trains today, which is strange since the first one actually goes straight through to our destination but the guy who issued our tickets has given us one where we get off and go onto the next train to arrive in Munich … ahhh ok? No worries! First part was ok! Sleeping on trains is painful, as you wake you realise part of your body isn’t getting any blood circulation and you spend the next 10 minutes trying to get movement in your arms and legs haha! no fun!

The second train ride was worse! We were issued a booth, which normally we would be happy about! and looking at the sign we were the only ones to reserve a seat, but the entire booth was filled with peoples stuff, only two people were in there but someones stuff was in every inch of the carriage and we had to put our big bag under our feet. One of our seats was taken by someone, she moved out of our booth with no bother. The other seat was taken by someones belongings. We just sat at the two spare seats at the side we weren’t bothered about who got what seat. Turns out theres a family sitting in those seats but they have gone to go get food and will be back. They didn’t mind taking up every little bit of room before they left though. The worst bit was there were people standing in the isles looking at us thinking we were the rude ones sprawling our stuff all over the seats so no one could sit. When they came back Urghhh I can’t describe how annoying they were! It was a mother and two little girls who would not stop humming, singing loudly and jumping around. The mother had no control, she didn’t seem to mind them doing it anyway. This I could normally cope with, I was a pretty annoying child myself once but the thing that really annoyed me was that the little girls kept passing wind … These booths don’t have much air and it was constant! It took the mother till about 2 hours of this to tell her daughter to go to the toilet but mann! If I spoke German I would have told her myself! It was a pretty horrible time! I mean come on! Change their diet or something lady! Horrible!
We got to Munich and just breathed fresh air for a while haha then we caught a cab to our hotel because it was pretty warm today and walking didn’t seem like any fun.
The hotel is OK we have obviously been to better, but there is a bed and it is clean and thats the main thing! We chilled out for a while, exhausted from lack of sleep. Then we headed to a little Italian restaurant around the corner.
Rhys got the salami pizza AGAIN!!! haha and I ordered a zucchini soup, which came out with horrible bits of fish in it, so I obviously didn’t eat. No good! Wish I ordered the pizza haha! After we went back to the hotel to watch the Green Lantern, which wasn’t that great… for shame Ryan Reynolds! and then went to sleep way to late at night again, tomorrows mission is all about beer! and pork knuckles! haha